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Should You Film Vertically Or Horizontally On Your Phone

Apr 28, 2020

I see this mistake often and can't help but share. You may even be someone who I have reached out to regarding this debated topic. You may think you know the answer, but the why is just as important.


On today's episode, I'm gonna be talking about whether or not your videos should be filmed horizontally or vertically.

As you can tell, you can probably guess that I highly, highly, highly encourage you to film horizontally.

Now, one of the common objectives that I often hear is that people say based on the platform, it's better to be vertical. And in some cases, that is right.

So basically, in other words, Instagram is a horizontal platform. So you're posting stuff on IGTV, vertical could be beneficial. On Facebook mobile, same thing. You're getting more scrolled screen when you film vertically.

However, the reason why I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that you film horizontally is because it looks better on the other platforms to be better. Think about it.

On YouTube, you're on YouTube right now and you can not, you do not want those black, blurry lines on the side. And the same thing happens on Facebook, where you have those blurry lines. LinkedIn, it looks horrible.

So you wanna make sure that you fit on all of the platforms, that it's going to look good, that it's going to look clean, that it's going to look professional. Filming horizontally is essential to look more professional. This is the way where it's going to look best on all the platforms.

You wanna make sure that you're posting your content everywhere. So you wanna make sure that it looks good on all the platforms.

Now I mentioned IGTV, however, one of the best features, I will never forget when this came out because I was so excited, when IGTV made it possible for you to post your horizontal videos. Oh my gosh, so amazing! So awesome to be able to do that.

I remember at the time, I was trying to film really far away so I could still post it to other platforms, but then when it cropped, it would then be not too much cropped on me. So again, crazy thing. Luckily, you don't have to do that anymore, and IGTV makes it possible so they can do full screen.

Now, generally for IGTV specifically, I recommend that you have the captions below. So that's why I actually don't post it horizontally because I like to have the captions, like to have more of that screen filled up.

But again, a lot of us don't necessarily have the time to be able to do the captions. I will do a video at some point where I explain what you can do there, the different tools that you can utilize and how you can get the captions below specifically for IGTV, but again, that will come later.

So, when you're filming, and this goes for your lives as well, because when you're filming you're live on Facebook or LinkedIn or YouTube, wherever you are, you want that live to be horizontal as well.

If you're spending time going live on Facebook and all these other platforms, you wanna make sure that that can then be cross-promoted on the other channels. So if you're going live on Facebook, you wanna then be able to download that video off of Facebook and upload it to YouTube. So you want it to look good.

So again, making sure that you're filming horizontally because it's going to look the best on all the platforms even though on some it may be better. We got to have that spread out, got to have that portfolio, all the algorithms are different on on all the different social media platforms, you have different audiences there, so you wanna be everywhere if you can. I hope this episode helps, talk to you soon.

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