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The #1 Single Thing You Can Do To Have The Greatest Impact On Your Recruitment Process

Mar 20, 2023

Recruitment game changer!!!

Doing this one thing will dramatically change your recruitment results.

Today, we welcome special guest Chris Bowker, Co-Founder of Pre-Intent, as he discusses the #1 thing you can do to have the greatest impact on your caregiver recruiting efforts.


Recruitment is such a huge part of your home care business, but what if there was one thing that you could do that would dramatically improve your process?

We are so excited to bring on a special guest, Chris from Pre-Intent, where he's going to go over the number one thing that you can do to dramatically increase results in your recruiting process.

Let's dive in with our conversation:

Nick: So, Chris, what is the number one single greatest thing that home care agencies can do to have the greatest impact on their recruitment process?

Chris: I think the biggest issue in the recruitment process is contact rate, right?

A recruiter sits down with their deed list, they start smiling and dialing, and at best, they're going to connect with 20% of the applicants through a phone call.

On the first call.

They're going to be leaving voicemails, getting phone calls back, trying to connect with them.

And so it's not only time-consuming, but it's ineffective.

And then you look at email, which is the second most common use form of communication, and 20% of emails get opened.

People may check their email once a day if it's their personal email.

Like, we're checking our work emails, not our personal emails that often.

So the solution is text messaging.

If you're not using text messaging today, you have to use text messaging to communicate with the workforce, especially frontline employees like Caregivers.

And it's proven.

95% of text messages are read in the first three minutes, 90% of them are responded to within ten.

So your message is actually being received now in a timely fashion.

And you can cut through the noise of ringing phones and voicemail alerts on cell phones and they can easily respond to you.

So it's not only the convenience of communicating to them, but it also captures the convenience of the caregiver responding back to you.

And you can have that conversation as the day goes on, you're not playing phone tag, returning calls, and now they're busy.

That conversation happens naturally.

And we hear a lot of owners go, "well, what about the older

They don't text.

We can actually thank COVID for something.

The older generation is very tech-savvy these days.

They all ordered food on apps, and they all learn how to text message and face time with family.

So the fact that someone doesn't know how to text message just isn't true.

In fact, we see that 50 to 60-year-olds receive, like, 75 to 100 text messages a day.

Millennials are receiving multiple hundreds of text messages a day or sending and

And so no matter what generation they're in for your caregiver workforce, they're tech-savvy enough to respond to text messages.

But ideally, you have all three communication forms.

But the most important, the biggest response rate is going to come out of text message for sure.

Nick: What's the best way for an agency to get started in text messaging?

There's a lot of different apps.

If you want to do the cheapest way possible.

A lot of times your carrier like Ring Central or your phone system will allow text messaging to do that.

I would never suggest texting from your personal phone.

Ideally, you might have a service like there's SMS Magic.

There's a couple of other just online services that you can bulk upload and bulk text.

It doesn't really allow too much two-way texting.

And then there's some automated platforms out there that allow text messaging or some ATS systems that allow text messaging at a cost-effective rate if you want to do it all manual.

And then there's automating your text messaging, of course, which is taking it to the next
level and kind of making sure that speed to lead is accomplished.

So if you're looking to automate thousands of text messages a month to your potential candidates, you can go to preintent.com and sign up for a demo and learn about how preintent can support your current recruiting process and scale it up to make it more efficient.



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