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The Elder Care Tragedy Story That Never Happened

Jul 21, 2021

I am so proud to share this story!

However, it is even more important for you to create and share on your social media platforms. In today's episode of Digital Champions, I share the video you MUST create and post on Sept 22nd.

When you share this important info you will have the potential to save lives. To have that level of impact is truly what working in this amazing industry is all about. 

Do you know what event is on September 22nd?

Fall Prevention Awareness Day.

Now here's the thing...

When it comes to fall prevention, the majority of people do not know about preventing falls in the home. I love to share a story about when my grandmother needed care.

My dad had reached out and let me know that he had hired a company for home care. And the thing was, my dad was not aware of the industry. He didn't know certain things like fall prevention. And unfortunately the home care company that he had hired, didn't do a simple safety inspection to make sure that it eliminated tripping hazards that could have happened.

Now, fortunately for me, and being in the industry, I was able to tell my dad on that initial phone call, literally he said that he had hired the company. I said, we got to get rid of those two inch thick carpet, did they do that? And he said, oh no, we gotta do that. And so the reason why I bring that up is because to me this topic can literally save lives. Who knows, my grandmother easily could have fallen and falls are the leading causes of death, accident and injuries as one of the top 10 leading causes of death.

So understanding this statistic and me understanding this knowledge, I was able to prevent my grandmother from falling in her home, which easily could have led to her death.

By focusing on content like this, there's not enough home care businesses talking about fall prevention in a way that can impact and change lives. This is a topic that you need to cover, and guess what? I'm giving you a day to post it on September 22nd, alright.

You have time. I made sure that this video is being posted to give you plenty of time to create a video that talks specifically about fall prevention so that you can prevent this from happening, removing those carpets, making sure that every room in the house has the lights that work, making sure that there's grab bars in the bathrooms.

All of these things are essential to making sure that these falls don't happen. And so when we can do these things and understanding that, yes, this isn't, "Hey, go and come buy my services or any of this." This is content that can change lives, save lives. Every single home care business should be vocalizing this very often.

I would recommend that you do content around fall prevention, at least twice a year, if not more in just this consistent reminder, because people don't know this, people don't know this. And so it is our duty as industry leaders to make sure that we are sharing this important information so that we can prevent this from happening.

Like my dad who didn't know, and I can't blame my dad for not knowing, but fortunately I did know. And so it is your job as a home care owner, operator, marketer, to share more information about this using social media, using video.

This is the type of content that's going to get shared. This is the type of content that has the ability to get out there and make a difference. This is the type of content that we want to be creating to not only impact our bottom line, to grow our brand, get more business, get more leads, but more importantly to change lives. I know that that's why you're in this business, you want to make a difference. And who knew that making one simple video about fall prevention could potentially save a life. Imagine that what an incredible thing.

So what I want you to do right now is take the time, start planning what you're going to say, how you're going to share it, make this video and share it. Let people know, blast it out, share it with your friends, put it on the home care website, put it everywhere, send it to your newsletter list, everywhere and make sure that everyone you know is getting this valuable insight so that they know and they can protect their loved one from things like this happening to potentially avoid falls and avoid death.

I hope this message finds you well. I hope that you take the time and really value this lesson and value this education and take time to make September 22nd a big day for you to save some lives, let's make it happen.

Have a good one!

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