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TikTok For Home Care: Should You Use It?

Feb 01, 2023

Today we're talking about TikTok and find out whether or not it's for your home care business.

And no, you don't have to dance around to get results.

But let's find out if it's even for you.

There are few misconceptions when it comes to TikTok.

One is that it's not all about dancing videos, lip syncing, people putting on audio or cooking videos.

It is so much more than that.

And there's a ton of people who are leveraging it to get amazing results in their brands.

But here's the thing.

When it comes to TikTok, you can get incredible results just by talking to the camera and by sharing educational content.

By the end of this post, you're going to know whether or not TikTok is right for you, and how to get started with it if it is.

You need to understand that this is not a fad.

TikTok is not going anywhere unless they get some type of crazy issue that comes up.

I actually read an article that they were getting sued because somebody used their video in an ad.

They were mad that TikTok allowed this to happen.

But anyway, it's not a fad.

This is how social media works.

New platforms come out.

Younger generations move towards that platform.

And then all of a sudden, more people start to move over to it.

And then a new platform will arise with the younger generation, and then the same thing will happen.

Look, when Facebook first came out, it's the same thing.

It was this whole debate.




Then Instagram came out.


Everyone moved over to Instagram.


Now, people were like, “Oh, Facebook's for old people.”

Then, now TikTok is coming out and people are starting to move over to TikTok.

It is a massively growing platform.

But what really makes it awesome is from the organic reach that can happen from it because it's putting your content out to so many more people.

The Facebook algorithm right now is terrible.

It's like absolute trash.

You're not even getting seen by people who are following you.

So keep that in mind when it comes to TikTok and how you're leveraging or thinking about leveraging it.

Facebook organic reach is not there.

TikTok has a very massive organic reach that you can leverage.

It's not just for kids.

Let's look at some of these demographics.

  • 60% are female.
  • 40% are male.
  • 60% are between the ages of 16 and 24.
  • 26% are between the ages of 24 and 44.

How many of your caregivers fit in that category?

So there you go.

Not for kids.

Are these people that you're looking to target?


So the demographics are there.

Now, the thing about TikTok is a lot of times you may be getting a ton of views. They’re people from all over the world.

So, you might be asking if it is really beneficial for you.

Great, I get a million views.

But if they're all in Europe, then what good is it for me.


There is a certain aspect of understanding your geographic location.

However, TikTok is working on improving that process, so that you're more likely to show up on local search.

And so they're actually going to be adding features that kind of gear towards that local aspect so you can see more things that are in the local community.

So for a home care business, it can be really impactful because again, now it's local based.

That nearby feature is going to be really powerful in how it's being leveraged and really taking away from that

Who cares if I get this viral aspect? You can actually get a bunch of views that are people that are actually in your territory, where it becomes much more valuable.

The other thing to realize is TikTok is actually starting to leverage the search aspect to compete with Google.

Now, the downside of this right now is that TikTok is not really verified for some of the people that are creating this content.

That means, they may be putting stuff out there that's not necessarily true.

So it's going to be interesting to see how TikTok navigates search and kind of how they reward certain people and creators and whether or not that feature progresses.

But I expect that they will figure it out and it will become where you want to look something up.


You just go into TikTok versus Google.

Now, I don't think Google is going anywhere. 

I still strongly recommend Google. But this becomes something to be aware of in regards to people searching for things like home care.

The other thing that makes this beneficial is that so many home care businesses are doing things the old ways.

And that's not the type of company that people want to work with.


From a client perspective, from a referral source perspective, or from a caregiver perspective.

People want something new.

If you're using current up to date technology, people appreciate that.

I mean, there are some companies out there that aren't even leveraging texting yet.

It's like, come on, people get on board!

We got to be texting our caregivers.

That's how they're best receiving the content.

Make sure that you're moving forward so that you can showcase yourself.

So this lets your audience know, “Hey, we're on TikTok!”

No way!

You're on TikTok

That's amazing.

So simply just by having an account, having some content is going to immediately be a differentiator from other people and organizations out there.

But the thing is, you may be thinking, “Oh man, Nick, you told me I got to be on YouTube, I got to be on Facebook, I got to be on LinkedIn, now I got to be on TikTok.”

You can work smarter, not harder.

The truth is that video is what people want.

That's why TikTok is performing well.

It's the medium that people want, right?

Vine is gone, but now TikTok has come out and so you can repurpose your content.

So for example, if you're creating YouTube videos, you can then take those YouTube videos, shrink it down into a 1 minute clip and then repurpose it for TikTok.

Video structures are all the same.

I go through this with my Lead Machine Academy members about understanding the formula for successful videos.

We start a video with the hook, then we go into the content, then we go into call to action.


It's the same.

That's what people are doing on TikTok.

That's how people are driving results.

YouTube is the same way.

When you follow the formula, it's going to work regardless of the platform and there's ways to repurpose it.

Now, to be fair, organically created things that are more on that viral aspect of understanding, like what's current and trends can be helpful when it comes to TikTok.

However, your time is valuable and to me it's not worth home care businesses spending all of this time trying to create TikTok videos.

But YouTube is so much more valuable creating that library of amazing videos.

And so if we can take those YouTube videos, repurpose them for TikTok, we can have this great presence on TikTok.

We're creating content that's educational and geared towards that. When it's done right, it looks like it's organic to the platform.

So that's going to be a really impactful way for you to work smarter, not harder.

So if you're thinking, you’re not yet ready for TikTok, and you're ready for YouTube, or leveraging YouTube already, then you are ready for TikTok.

We're just going to repurpose the content.

If you're not sure how to do that, reach out to me. My team and I can help you do that.

I hope this gives you some clarity on TikTok and whether or not it is right for you.

There's a lot of different aspects to this.

The other aspect is advertising and whether or not that's beneficial.

I'm going to talk about that in a later episode where TikTok may be more impactful from a recruitment standpoint in just running ads.

But there are some key ingredients that you must know before even getting into ads.

So again, I'm going to talk about that in my next post.

 I hope you now know that TikTok is for you.

You know what, regardless, let's make some videos.

Am I right?



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