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Video Doesn’t Work If People Don’t See It

May 05, 2020

Video doesn't work if people don't see it! Based on the algorithms it is likely that the majority of your fans and followers will NOT see your content.

So what can you do? On this week's episode of Digital Champions, I tell you the steps to take and why now is the best time! 

I'd like to share a quote by Henry Ford. And he says that "stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your clock to save time."

We are in a strange time right now, with everything going on with the virus. And now is not the time to stop your marketing effort. Now is the time to put more effort into it.

You can get your advertising dollars so much further during this time. T

1. Understanding the Facebook algorithms and social media algorithms.

It is a pay-to-play world. If you are spending time creating video, creating content, you wanna make sure it's seen. And more specifically, now with everything that's going on, the social media channels are flooded with COVID-19 content.

So we need to be able to make sure that our audience is seeing the videos we're making. Now is not the time to stop your marketing, but we do need to pivot and change our messaging in understanding that these things are going on.

We need to communicate that to our audience and don't go on like business as usual. We need to be aware of how things are happening.

So you may have had videos scheduled or videos that you'd filmed prior or content that you have created that you now have to shift and you have to change it so that the messaging flows with everything that's going on in the world. But that doesn't mean stop, we're just making a pivot.

Another thing to understand is that your time is so valuable. So, we cannot stop time, but we can be more efficient with our time. This is your opportunity to create videos and batch them.

Film multiple videos, do a film session and record a bunch of episodes. Not to mention, from a time standpoint, once you've now created the video, you have it on there.

And you can actually make money in your sleep, where people are watching you, you're selling constantly, you're educating constantly because people have access to your videos.

This is the power of consistently creating video.

Now that you have the video, we need to make sure that the videos are being seen. So you want to spend some advertising dollars on the videos. This is critical.

The reason being, we need to get in front of those audiences. We need to be seen. You spent all this time creating video, creating posts, and people aren't even seeing it.

You have people that like your page or follow your page and aren't seeing your content. You have to be willing to put some advertising money on the line, whether it be five, $10, whatever it may be, to make sure that it's being seen.

The other thing to consider during this time is that Facebook ads and Instagram ads are actually lower than what they normally are because people aren't spending money on advertising dollars.

So if you can, and if you have the funds, now is a great opportunity to put some money in and actually spend, 'cause your money is gonna go further. Yes, so now is your opportunity, now is the time.

We cannot stop our advertising effort. We cannot stop investing in our business now. Now is the time where we need to, all right? We need to go, go, go.

We need to get in front of the eyes of the people that need our help, that need our services. This is so important.

So, you wanna use Ads Manager, you don't wanna boost a post. All right, so get in the Ads Manager. If you are new to it, there is free training that you can get. Consider investing in paid training that you can learn more about how to effectively do it yourself.

So get the training, get the knowhow, start making ads, start figuring it out, start getting more eyes on your content.

I hope that helps. I'll talk to you soon.


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