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What Camera Should You Use For Your Videos?

Oct 22, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about what camera should you use.


Well, the first option is a DSLR camera, more of the fancy type I know, and it can be expensive. Generally, they're upwards to $500 or more for a good DSLR camera. But do you really need that level of camera? Is that something that is that important to make that professional aspect? I'll get there. The next thing is filming on your phone.

Yes, you're like daa Nick, everyone knows that your phone has a camera, yet so many people aren't utilizing the power of your phone to incorporate that into professional marketing videos. And I'll tell you why in a second, we'll get there. And number three is utilizing your computer.

Yes, your webcam. I do recommend that you do purchase a nicer style webcam versus the one that's attached to your laptop, they're generally not that good. So how does this all wrap in? Alright, you just said all three different aspects. But, it's not the camera itself that makes the quality.

Yes, there's a level of that that goes into it, but the real power comes from the editing, adding that extra level of professional touch, setting up a film studio, being in the area, being strategic about what you're saying, having the proper angles, all of these different things add to that professional level, professionalism, and how we can incorporate that with whatever camera we have. So do you see that it actually doesn't matter what camera you have, it's those steps, those extra steps that you take.

The extra steps to do planning in your videos to make better content, to actually setting time to batch film, and create a studio and create a good environment and good angles and good lighting and all of that to make that effect that you can actually be filming on your phone and people won't know the difference because of that professional touch that you do. The same thing with a webcam, you can actually attach a webcam to a tripod and have it the same way that I'm recording right now.

Where it's attached to a tripod, I'm standing up, and it's getting this great angle, but I'm actually recording on my computer and or utilizing Zoom. So do you see how you don't actually need to know what camera you do? Just understanding that it's actually what you're doing after with your videos that's more important. How are you distributing your content? How are you editing the content? That is so much more important of a question. So just pick, just choose, don't let the indecision drive you from not creating videos.

Make the choice, start making it happen and understand that you can always change an upgrade. You can start with the phone, upgrade to a webcam, upgrade to a DSLR the more that you do it. You're not set in stone, but we need to create create create, get out there, start recording no matter what device you have, and start educating people, making content, getting yourself out there present online and being seen with whatever camera you have. If you like this video, you're gonna love my free training, click the link below or in this video.


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