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What Caregivers REALLY Want! (Hint: it's not money)

Oct 06, 2022

What do they want?

To successfully recruit (and retain) caregivers - we have to know what they want.

Here's a hint: it's not money!! Here is what they really want...

There’s no doubt that you need caregivers.

But here's the thing.

They don't want more money.

You might be thinking:

“What? No way!”

“Are you serious?”

“What do I mean?”


The truth is, caregivers don't want more money.

They want what money can buy them. Agreed?

The same thing goes with you. You don't want more money.

You want what money can buy you. Car, home, food, freedom.

So, we need to understand that each particular caregiver wants something different in what they're doing with their money.

And so when we understand what it is that they want, we can then better attract and help them to achieve their goals..

More money is not always the answer.

They want the tools and resources so that they can achieve their goals.

It's not just about that dollar amount.

It's about what that dollar amount can do for them.


Four Things That You Can Do to Really Give Caregivers What They Want

Below are the things to consider to make sure that you provide your caregivers what they really want. These will help them stick around and continue working with you for years and years to come.

1. Get their goals right up front

A lot of times we ask caregivers in the interview process to get what they're going to say and determine If we're going to hire them.

We want to understand what their goals are - in one, two, three, or five years.

However, we should not only do that professionally.

We also want to know their personal goals, right?

If you make it all professional, then it's all about you.

We want to make it about them.

So focus and get their goals not just professionally, but also personally. Know what they want to achieve.

So, how can we help them achieve their goals?

Give them the tools and the resources that will help them to achieve their goals.

And what's so amazing about this? Ongoing training.

You provide that for your caregivers, but it's all about you.

You're giving them skills that are going to help them be better at their job. With these tools and training, they will perform more effectively and efficiently.

But what if you could additionally provide training content that's going to help them achieve their personal goals?

2) Highlight referral partners

You can have an amazing opportunity to actually highlight different referral partners that you have.

That's also going to create a retention technique helping your caregivers to have that reason to stick around.

Let’s take for example, a financial planner.

When we have a financial planner, it's going to help them to better manage their money.

They can then acquire the things that they want with their money, right?

As previously mentioned, they don't want money. They want what they can buy.

If you have a referral partner, they can come in and teach about personal finance so they can make better decisions with their money.

That's going to help them to achieve whatever it is.

Maybe they want to go on vacation, right?

So, they know how much the vacation cost. So, this is how much you need to save.

If you would save across the time of the year and you save this little amount, putting 10% of your paycheck away. Right? 

These little things, even though so many people are living paycheck to paycheck, when they have the right knowledge, then that's going to be super powerful, right?

Another example are your training videos

So, you have recorded and compiled this whole library of amazing training videos.

Real estate agents, right?

Maybe they're looking to buy a home.

Maybe you want to bring in a mortgage specialist that can talk about how they can get more information about buying a home,

They want to know how much they need or how much you put down.

All these things help them achieve their goal.

Another example could be they want to lose weight, right?

So, maybe you bring in a dietitian since healthy and happy caregivers that are more physically fit are going to produce better results.

But imagine if you could provide a resource that would help a caregiver to lose 20, 50 pounds.

How amazing would it be to be able to give them that resources?

You can collaborate with a dietitian, with a personal trainer, with a gym, or with a yoga instructor to give them the tools.Maybe they can get a discount by partnering with these yoga studios or these gyms.

So it's a win-win.

You highlight the partners, but you can also help get your caregivers the tools that they need to get and achieve their goals.


3) Support and Follow Up

Look, we all need support and accountability.

I have a coach for so many different things.

I got a business coach. I also have a Spanish coach.

We need this accountability to become a self-driven person.

It's so essential that everyone has somebody that's going to follow up and help us.

So, you can do like a 90-day check in.

You could maybe have them pair up with another caregiver as an accountability partner to help them.

You both can ask how you are doing with your goals, right? Are you both achieving them?

Following up to seeing how they're doing and supporting them to achieve their goals is going to produce amazing results from a retention standpoint.

That is because you're helping them to achieve their goals.

You're not just another paycheck.

You can actually make a difference in an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Provide them helpful tools and resources by following up, pushing them to achieve better, and inspiring them become better versions of themselves

How amazing is this?

Regardless of it improving your bottom line, it'll also create better-performing and happier caregivers.

But at the end of the day, think about the impact that you are making on these individuals and what you can do for their lives.


4) Share wins and results

This is an amazing aspect because if you could help them transform their lives, they're going to say amazing things about you. 

They will definitely give you incredible testimonials because you've done more than just giving them a job.

You've helped them to achieve their goals.

It also becomes a powerful tool in recruitment.

Other caregivers will be interested and engaged when they find out that you helped your caregivers buy a house or car.

And that’s amazing!.

Just imagine the impact of you changing their lives.

Before, they didn't have a car.

After they started working with you, you helped them achieve their goals and then got them a car.

You're able to create this amazing aspect of sharing wins and results.

Maybe you have a Facebook group where others are able to interact that can help with that accountability and support as well.

By sharing those wins, you're motivating other caregivers to pursue in achieving their goals based on the results that some of the other caregivers are getting.

For instance, if someone says that he didn't watch the financial planning training, a caregiver will say, “Oh, you absolutely should. It was so impactful for me!”

They will share how they feel so much better about managing my money.

They will be more excited in saving and making investments in the future.


Final Thoughts

These are the four things that can really be impactful in helping and understanding your caregivers to get better results in their lives.

Again, the bottomline is:

It's not all about money.

It's about what that money can do for them.

But with a little guidance from you and some of your referral partners, they can achieve so much more in their life.

Isn't that what it's all about?

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