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What Is Facebook Pixel?

Nov 24, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about what is Facebook Pixel? Ah, yes, have you ever felt like you're being watched? I know, I have been there.

You, all of a sudden, you're getting those ads that are specifically going towards you and you like, "How did they know? How did they know that I wanted this product?" Understanding that Facebook Pixel is such a powerful tool for you to utilize for your small business.

All these big companies are utilizing it but you, as a small business have the tools, have the resources to incorporate this into your business. Facebook Pixel is basically a code that goes on your website so that when someone goes on your website, you can send them targeted ads to then retarget them. Yes, you may have already known this but you may think that that is some complex thing to set up. It's really not that complicating.

It's actually fairly simple when you can find all the things that you need to make it happen. But it's important that you know how this works and how you can properly utilize it so that you make this a priority to setting this up in your business. Because if you can get people to your website, that's difficult enough.

How are we driving traffic to our website? But the thing is, if they're going to our website and they're not opting in to our content, not opting in, they're not contacting us, how are we then going to get them back? How are we gonna bring them back? How are we gonna retarget them? That is the power of Facebook Pixel.

And so if we can incorporate this into our business, be able to incorporate it where someone goes to our website 'cause they were thinking about us, they wanted to learn more, they're not ready really fully in on you, maybe they don't really know you that well, they're just figuring it out, we wanna make sure that we can stay in front of that person and keep that relationship building.

Often I talk about my videos, focusing on that content marketing strategy and understanding that if they come to our website and now I can run targeted ads, specifically towards my content videos to then target people who have been to my website. So now, it's gonna be more likely that somebody who is interested in my business, interested in signing up for services to purchasing one of my courses, then I'm now able to send them more of my free content, continue to nurture and build that relationship. That's where this power comes form because the things is, often it takes time to get somebody to convert, to get somebody to buy.

It takes time to build relationships before people are willing to invest in you. So by utilizing this tool when someone first experiences us, first gets that exposure to us and comes to our website, we're now able to then build the relationship by continuing to show our content and our ads and put it in front of people who have already checked us out so that we can convert them.

Our marketing dollars are gonna go so much further when we're starting to target people who are already interested in us. Or targeting people who have already bought stuff from us. Yes, our best customer are already existing customers to get more things from them. So if they've been to your site, then they've bought your stuff already.

Are we seeing the power of this? We need to make Facebook Pixel a priority, get it on our website, set up an Ads Manager account, make it happen so that we can utilize this amazing tool that Facebook has to offer. If you like this video, you're gonna love my free training. Click the link below or in this video.


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