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What Is The Purpose Of Social Media For Home Care?

Jun 09, 2021

Social Media For Home Care: what is the purpose? It may not be what you think...

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I share the top 3 goals when it comes to utilizing social media in home care. 

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When it comes to social media for your home care business, there are a few things that you should know. So a lot of times, it's a common misconception that the idea is to get sales.

Yes, that is a byproduct of social media, but should not be the general mission of what you're sharing and what your daily activities are on social media.

The first thing that is super essential in how and why we're using social media and what we're sharing on our social media platforms is to...

1. Build Relationships

It is essential that everything that we're doing online, whether it be our personal brands, or whether it be our business pages, that we are building relationships with our audience. If you're just posting a lot of things about your services then that is not going to build relationships with people you are looking to attract.

2. Create Transparency

Creating transparency within our businesses is essential. This is a very, very personal business. We are dealing with people's loved ones. Referral sources are referring you clients and they want to make sure that they're being cared for. Being transparent about who you are, your mission, and goals are effective ways of creating that transparency.

We want to be very vocal about what our goals are and make it clear. Be willing to be open and share things about yourself.

If you share content that is generic then you're gonna look like every single other home care out there.

Don't be afraid to take that selfie, showing yourself being out there, being transparent.

3. Establish Trust

This is a know, like, trust business. Know, like, trust. This all ties into these three things and how we can do this and the purpose of social media and helping people to accomplish our goals.

How can we establish trust?

A lot of that is gonna come down to the knowledge that we're sharing and how we're showing up as an expert in the industry.

Do you really know what it is that you're talking about?

Have you proven yourself that you're a kind and caring individual that's gonna take care of your patients?

These are things that are going to establish that trust. And the things that you share online, the more that you can vocalize that and create that trust, the more success that you're gonna have with what you're sharing online.

A lot of the struggles that happen when people aren't having success online is when they're outsourcing their social media, so it's really cookie cutter and it just looks like everyone else. These types of things are just gonna have you blend in.

We want to make sure that we are establishing trust, creating transparency, and building relationships.


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