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What Types Of Videos Can You Create For Your Business

Jul 29, 2020

There is so much more you can do with video! There is so much that I had to break it into 2 episodes. Check out Part 1 of What Types of Videos Should You Create For Your Business.


On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about what are some other videos that you can make for your business. I know, I talk a lot about content and there's a reason for it.

Focusing heavily on content is what people like to share. It's valuable, it provides something that people can learn from, that they are inspired from, and they want to share it.

If you're just talking about your services, it tends to be more on the sale-sy side and people don't like to share that. So coming from that place of education and coming from that place of value is gonna get much better results on a consistent basis and that should be the majority of your content.

Now, that being said, there are a ton of other uses that you can use video for.

1. Start With Why

The first thing is your about video. I always recommend that you have a video that tells your story. Why is it that you started your business? Simon Sinek has a book, it says 'Start With Why'.

We're telling people what it is and why you started your business because that's something that people can get behind. They get behind you as the person, of why you started your business, and want to do business with you versus the actual services that you are providing.

So having a video that directly explains who you are with some mentions of the services that you provide can be a very powerful video that can go front and center on your website where people see on a consistent basis and it's their highlighted main video.

2. Services

The second video is services. Now, I don't recommend that you post a bunch of these service-type videos on your social media, but it's a great thing to have on your website where you can explain in greater detail the services that you offer. This makes it a lot easier, people don't always like to read, so having a video where you're explaining it can make it really easy for your potential customers.

It also can save you a ton of time when somebody asks, "Oh, what is this?", and you say, "Well, I have videos on that". Now you're not necessarily always gonna direct people to the videos because you can have those conversations, but it's a good approach for things that you constantly find yourself repeating. And anything that you find repeated, if you can film, it's gonna save you time in the long run and utilize as a resource for potential customers.

3. Training Employees/Virtual Assistants

This is so powerful. In many businesses, we have turnover, or you have an employee that leaves you, you never know what can happen.

So having training videos of the different tasks that you complete is going to make it a lot easier for you start to delegate responsibilities to other employees or virtual assistants, but also if they ever leave, you have all the video training all completed and done.

I recommend that you start to recording videos using screen-recording software like Zoom or Snagit. They record your screen with the audio of you speaking.

So any tasks that you do on a regular, consistent basis, that may be tedious that you want to outsource. And since you're already going be doing that task anyway, all you're doing is taking an extra step and just recording it.

Again, this is about saving you time. This is a great strategy, saves you time in the future so you don't have to constantly be retraining employees if they come and go or if something doesn't work out.

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