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Who Should Manage Your Social Media?

Jun 10, 2020

We're taking off our invisibility cloak for this one! On today's episode of Digital Champions, I am talking about one of the biggest mistakes I see and what we can do to resolve it.


On today's episode of "Digital Champions," I'm gonna talk about who should be managing your social media. This is a two-part answer.

One of the common mistakes that I see is that people wanna outsource and have somebody else do their social media, but the problem is, when somebody else, if you're hiring a company that's going to post for you and be the voice for you, they're gonna sound like them or they're gonna sound like everybody else because they're trying to be generic, so that it fits for you. But that's exactly how to be invisible.

If you're just like everyone else, these cookie-cutter companies that post for you, it does not work. It's not your voice. It has to be you. It's your organization, your company. You wanna be the voice and show the vision and the mission and put everything into your marketing effort. This is your marketing. This is your digital presence and you want it to correlate that directly resonates with the business that you created, that you believe in, that you worked hard for it to build.

Now, I understand, your time is valuable. You saw in the last episode I talked about, you know, understanding how much your time is worth.

This is where video marketing comes into play and where it can be a full-scale strategy into your efforts because when you create video content as the business owner, it then gives another person where you can delegate to a company or delegate to an employee actual things that they can use to properly utilize your voice.

But if you're just giving them, hey, use our website and post some stuff, it's gonna sound generic. So the more video content you create, it's gonna allow you to outsource and delegate the task that comes with marketing your business.

This allows you to be the voice and make sure that you're being heard and that it's your language and it's being said from you and properly reflects your brand and your business.

So, the reason why it's a two-part answer because the first part is, yes, you don't want to outsource the marketing itself, you wanna outsource the tasks that come with it and it starts with creating videos so that people can hear who you are, how you speak and then, whoever you have managing your social media can create the content that's gonna properly reflect your voice and your vision.

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