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Why And How To Add Captions To Your Video On Social Media

Nov 13, 2019

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna talk about why and how to add captions to your video.

Did you know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound?


It is no question that people watch videos without sound. It makes sense. They're in different places. They don't want to disturb people. People don't always have their headphones. Maybe you're looking at lunch. Maybe you're looking at in the bathroom, although you shouldn't 'cause that's just not hygienic, okay.


People love to watch videos without sound. But also, you wanna think about the people that maybe can't hear. And that's where this can be really powerful.


A few weeks ago one of my clients actually got a phone call from someone that was that deaf. They actually had an interpreter on the phone that was translating them to the person and they were actually talking about how they watched a number of the videos because they have captions in the videos.


So aside from being able to just people not watching it with sound, it actually can help people that are hearing impaired, which is pretty amazing. Now you know why to do it so how can we do it. It's really simple. There's a website called rev.com.


Now, disclaimer i have no affiliation with rev.com, just a huge fan of their work. They're awesome. They're extremely affordable. It's a $1 per minute and it's done by an actual human, so it's not just somebody you know transcribing the video and it's trying to, a robot trying to pick up the sound. It's an actual person, so you know that you're getting accurate information.


And what Rev allows you to do is export an SRT file, which then you can upload directly to FB, LinkedIn and YouTube. Very simple, very easy to do.




What you can do is when you upload your videos to rev.com and you do the captions feature, it also allows you to export the transcription so get the full written content of the video. And what you can do, is you can use that as a blog post (like I have done right here) and you can also break it up into micro-content and use as social media posts.


So not only can you add it to your videos but you can also use it for other areas in your marketing efforts making sure that you're maximizing your ROI, maximizing that marketing budget that you're spending dollars on.


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