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Why Pain Is Necessary For Growth

May 05, 2021

"No PAIN, No GAIN" I'm sure you've heard it countless times by now.
How about "Endure the PAIN, enjoy the GAIN"?

Regardless how we put the words - the message is still the same.

Pain is a must for growth and here's why...

My mentor and coach shared this with me and I wanted to pass it on to you.

It's a story about an old man, he's sitting on the porch in his rocking chair and there's a dog. And this man walks by and sees the dog and it's in extreme pain.

And he asked the old man, "What's wrong with your dog?"

"Oh, he's sitting on a nail".

"Well, why doesn't he get up?"

"Well, because every time he tries to move, he still feels the pain of the nail".

So the association here is that often we feel that the pain of change is going to be the same as the pain that we're already feeling and so this resistant to change is holding us back because there is a greater opportunity.

There is freedom without pain in our future if we're willing to go through a little extra pain and get past that extra mark, because the pain of discipline is greater than the pain of regret.

We need to make sure that we are taking the change, making the changes in our business.

We can't keep going through this process of doing the same thing over and over again, because that's what's comfortable.

We need to look at our business, we need to be a scientist in our business, see what's working, see what's not working and make changes.

We can't be afraid of changes to make in our business. It is essential, we need to consistently be growing and changing and improving and adapting. If this past year has taught you anything, it is that we need to be willing to be adaptable, survival of the fittest, those that can make changes with the things that happen in your business.

If you can't adjust bob and weave, make things happen, then you're not going to be able to survive. We need to be adaptable, we need to accept change and embrace the change because that's gonna make a massive impact in our lives and in our businesses.

Embrace that change, be adaptable, make the things necessary, make the changes in your business so that you can continue to grow, improve, and scale.

That is what's going to make you become your best self and truly crushing.

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