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Why Should You Incorporate LIVE Into Your Video Marketing Strategy

May 26, 2020

THIS IS MARKETING!!! (I may be having too much fun making these videos. Sorry Alex. 😂) On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss the easiest way to create videos that also favors social media algorithms.

Ladies and gentlemen, This is Marketing.

What is the easiest way to create videos that also favors social media algorithms?

Answer: Going LIVE!

The thing that you wanna understand about creating live video, the first thing is, it comes off so much more organic, authentic because you're giving that behind the scenes look.

You're giving people that experience of what it's like, if they were just hanging out with you, versus this type of produced video where you're getting straight to the point, you're providing the content. So you give that people the behind the scenes.

You potentially make a mistake or fumble on your words, but people relate to that because you're a human and things happen. Those type of thing happens, when you're filming live.

I always tell this story in my presentations about somebody who was demonstrating jewelry on a live and she ended up dropping the jewelry on the floor. She picked it up and it was fine, but people started commenting because they were laughing and having fun. She wasn't embarrassed at all and it actually ended up creating more engagement.

Again, it's more authentic in that she's a real person, all right? She dropped it, It happens, but again, it increased that engagement which the algorithm likes.

Again, to go into the algorithm, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, the algorithms love the live. They send out notifications to your followers when you go live, so it makes a huge impact in understanding that the algorithm favors the live.

So, how do we go about doing this? I mentioned previously that you always wanna film horizontally when you're going live aside from Instagram, because that one is definitely just better vertically.

What you can do is actually you can go live on your Facebook computer, and then you can go have your phone on a tripod, vertically and go live on Instagram at the same time and kind of talk to both cameras. So that's a little tip and trick where you can go both live at one time and you kind of flip back and forth, between the two cameras as you're talking to them.

But this is a great opportunity again, to give people behind the scenes look, favor that algorithm, and get more views, get people to know you and talk about things that maybe aren't as business-related, and talking about things that are happening, maybe you're talking about personal development.

That's what I like to do in my lives are to talk more about personal development and happiness and the thing is to it allows me to be more topical, and talk about things that are going on specifically right at that moment, both in my life and potentially in the world. Referencing things, hey, I just saw this Superbowl ad or hey, this just happened to me this past weekend.

And so again, it allows me to play off of things that are happening currently in my life, providing that background knowledge to get people to know me.

When people know you, they like you, they trust you, so you're adding that value and then providing some type of content that provides value.

Now I will say another tip with going live, is you wanna make sure that you get in and get out, all right?

A lot of times people go on lives and they just bla bla bla, they're all over the place. Also, use a tripod, don't just be walking all over. Some cases that can be cool if you're in a remote location, but sometimes I see people just like walking around in their house and filming live and it just to me is not a professional look.

It comes off kind of wild and trying to watch something like somebody's moving around a lot is difficult and distracting. So having that stabilization during your live is gonna make a huge difference when you go live.

So a lot of tips right there.

I hope you figure out a way to incorporate into this, into your messaging.

Another effective strategy is to schedule a time that you go live. That's gonna help you stay consistent. Me, I go live every Monday. I hope you check out in those videos, that's my day, it allows me to create it, and then guess what?

If it happens and maybe I skip a week, it's fine. No big deal. Come back, or maybe I do it Tuesday. But consistently I know I'm gonna be doing it every single week on Monday. Maybe do it every single month. Put it in your calendar, make sure it's consistent, add it into your repertoire, into your marketing, into your video marketing strategy.

Doing it with your prerecorded videos as well, going to have a huge impact, creating tons of video content, you can take the live, put it on YouTube, put it on different platforms, boom!

Go live!

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