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Why You Need A Face With Your Brand

Oct 16, 2019

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna be talking about why you need to have a face with your brand.


Video has a lot of power, because it allows you to create a personal character or face with your brand.

Think about huge companies. Flo from Progressive, you see her face, she is the symbol. Geico, you see the gecko, they had the caveman. They had both of them. They're characters that reference, and you associate them with the brand and with the company.

Matthew McConaughey, from the Buick's commercials. When you think about it, who would you rather do business with, a logo or a face? And that's what it comes down to.

You wanna create a face with your brand because that's who people wanna do business with. People don't do business with companies, they do businesses with people! And that's why it is so critical to have video to increase that brand presence.

Now, this also works with photos that you're posting on social media in general. If you think about posts that you do personally, when you post a picture with yourself in it, it gets much more engagement than as if you posted just a scenery.

When someone's scrolling through the newsfeed and then all of a sudden, "Hey, I know that person!" They're gonna be much more likely to stop and get engaged with that content.

So, by putting your face and branding yourself out there on a number of your content, it's going to increase that engagement. People who are following you or following your business pages, they know you. Or have some idea of who you are. And if you're the owner, you definitely want to get that brand recognition with you as the owner.

When someone's scrolling through the newsfeed, and they see your face and it's someone that you know, they're gonna be much more likely to stop, it's gonna grab their attention and they're gonna be more likely to engage with that content.

More engagement increases more views, and more people are then going to see your stuff. It is so important to use your face, not only with video but also other posts on your social media.

Watch the difference, if you post two different photos, one of scenery, and then one of you with the scenery, I guarantee you are gonna get a ton more engagement from the one with your face in it. If you don't believe me, give it a try.

If you wanna learn how you can get started with video, download my free PDF on getting started with video marketing.

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