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Year In Review

Feb 03, 2021

It is 2021, we are back and I am super excited, we gotta a new year, gotta a new set, changing things up, making things fun. But I think it's important to take some time to reflect on the last year and some fun things that we did here on this show!

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Video Transcription:

Vertical VS Horizontal If you remember that video I was pushing out the sides of the wall, it was a lot of fun and it was really funny and it had this semi viral getting in front of people because I put some marketing dollars behind it and really getting a reach that I had never anticipated.

With that reach also created some haters, they came out and I was loving it. I don't care about the haters, it's great. And you shouldn't either, because if you're getting haters it means that you are branching off into a new audience and getting in front of new people that don't know you or else they're not gonna be hating on you.

So it's just a huge opportunity to show that no matter what if you wanna grow and you want get bigger, it's gonna happen you're gonna get those people that are gonna not like what you're putting out, but it's okay, 'cause there's tons of people that absolutely love what you're creating. So ignore the haters regardless of what happens. And if you're wondering if that video had results it did my cost per lead was like $2. So super awesome to see how that can work and what can happen when you put some marketing dollars behind a video, you never know what can happen and how it can just take off and get so many more engagement, get shares, get that reach that you want, that semi viral.

I'm not here to tell you how to make a viral video. But again, this was a perfect example of something that I didn't know was gonna work, but because I was willing to put some marketing dollars, boom, and it got a lot more reach than I could have ever anticipated bringing more business my way. So you always wanna make sure that you're doing that. Number two, "The Hulk". Oh my gosh! I still can't believe that I released this video. I look like a fool. But I am so glad that I did it because again it's about having fun when we're making videos if you're not having fun, you're just gonna be boring.

You gotta enjoy this process, enjoy what you're doing. You know, I did it yeah, whatever I ripped my shirt off is that professional, eh, whatever, who cares. It doesn't matter, it's about having fun, it's about creating things that are gonna grab people's attention. That's gonna get people and grab people, oh my gosh. So again, just like really taking a moment to laugh at yourself, laugh at that video. Again, the effects aren't amazing but I think they turned out pretty well. And again, it's all about just having fun.

And number three, the top video, The "Devil On The Shoulder". If you remember that video, I loved filming that video. And the main reason is because it had a really important message from me is that we often have that voice inside our head. We have that voice that's pickering, oh, why you can't do something, oh, you're not smart enough, oh, you're not good looking enough. All these things that people are saying in our head we got to just ignore that. Slap the devil off our shoulder, get rid of that voice, step into our greatness and make it happen.

How we are utilizing and stepping up and stepping into our greatness. If we wanna grow a successful business: we need to be willing to stand out, we need to be willing to jump on camera and make it happen and get rid of those beliefs. I get it, we all have those things that are gonna come up in our head where we're thinking all of these things, imposter syndrome, all of that, but we need to ignore it we need to get to the point where we stop listening to those voices, hand to the face, no more make it happen and step into our greatest self that is how we are going to win in business.

And an honorable mention had to give a shout out to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" video I did. A lot of people love that, especially my Philly people but I thought that turned out so cool it really resonated, you know, really hit home on making it look like it was "The Fresh Prince" really being a fool and making it happen. But that video got a lot of interaction and I love that and I want to take a moment and just say, you know, it's been an amazing last year 2020 I know in the world there's a lot of crazy things that happened. But for me, it was one of the most amazing years that I have ever had, it was my best year in business, things just continued to grow, I moved to California, all of these really cool things happened in 2020 regardless of lot of the outside circumstances.

And we have a choice to see how we want to see the world, how we want to make the choices, how we want to rise to the opportunities to everything that happens in our world but I want to just take a moment and just say, thank you. Thank you for being here with me. Thanks for being here for the last year or maybe you're new and this is the first video you're seeing but I hope you're gonna stick with me 'cause this is not stopping anytime soon.

Lots more great video to come out in 2021 making things happen, helping your business grow. And if you like this content, you like the videos that I've been putting out this year, or you know somebody who may like it as well. I have an amazing free training where I talk about the three biggest mistakes that businesses are making when it comes to video marketing, all you gotta do is go to thedigitalchamps.com/video and get started.


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