What To Look For When Buying A Home Care Business With Special Guest Jen Ramos

What to look for...

Regardless if you're buying or selling it is essential you know the key elements to analyze in the process.

On todays' episode, we conclude our 4 part series with the incredible Jen Ramos from JR3 Consulting Group.

Are you looking to buy a home care business? If yes, then you need to listen to our incredible guest Jen Ramos, who does this every day, in and out, helping owners and entrepreneurs like yourself to buy and sell home care businesses.

What should you look for when looking to buy a home care business?

So when you're looking to buy, it's interesting too, because this is kind of twofold for a seller's point of view.

1. The Financials

When you're looking to buy a home care business out of the gates, the first barrier to entry, to even see if this business is even viable for you are the financials and making sure that they're clean financials and what I mean by clean is all the financial statements are very easily read.

You can see what the...

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First Steps To Take When Selling Your Home Care Business With Special Guest Jen Ramos

What's next?

Over the last 2 weeks, Home Care Exit Strategy expert Jen Ramos, shared key tips and strategies when thinking and preparing to sell your home care business. Today, she discusses the first steps you should take.

Check it out!

Thinking about selling your home care business? You should be. But there are some things that you need to know. In today's episode, I have special expert Jen Ramos to talk about the first steps when selling your home care business.

What what are the first steps to take when selling your home care business?

A lot of business owners have no clue what the first step is. The first thing is NOT go out and talk to another business owner or go out and try to find a broker.

Not yet.

The first step is really to dig deep on what your next plan is and having a game plan post sale. If you were to sell your business, you really want to know what the next steps are because it is a very emotional process for 99.9% business owners out there.

It's a labor of...

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Biggest Misconception When Trying To Sell Your Home Care Business With Special Guest Jen Ramos

It's not what you think. When looking to sell their home care businesses, many make this misconception. Hear from Home Care Exit Planning Expert, Jen Ramos, from JR3 Consulting Group.

Are you looking to sell your business? You should be, whether or not you're just getting started or if you've been in business for years. But there's one issue that comes up all the time. A common misconception that expert Jen Ramos is here to share...


What is the biggest misconception when trying to sell your Home Care business?

The biggest misconception is by far that owners feel their business is worth way more than what's actually involved when you value a business and what it is worth from an acquirer's point of view.

A lot of business owners will think that their business is worth equal to their revenue they're bringing in, but they don't realize there's so many other factors that go into pricing a business from an acquirer's lens. The biggest advice I can give on that is really...

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