Digital Champions is proud to partner with impowered to help you recruit and retain more caregivers!

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Your caregivers can recruit friends and family to join their team. Your caregivers are now empowered to be ambassadors for your company. There is no cost until new caregivers start working for you, it's free until it works!

All you need to do is post as many open shifts as you can. We'll even help you approach case managers, care coordinators, and senior advisors. You will now be the go-to provider for all open shifts!


Through our bonus structure, we are able to retain caregivers within our exclusive impowered network.

Caregivers can also earn badges for their commitment to working for your company!

Quality Care

Manage time-off requests and allow your caregivers to suggest their own shift replacement through the app.

The impowered team bonuses, schedule customization, badge incentives, point score, and social media mentorship features all help to create more efficiency and a quality-based service to your clients.

Unleash Exponential Growth.

When your caregivers are provided the opportunity to build their own team and be compensated for their efforts, you can be confident that they will remain members of your team, but they will also mentor their team to remain committed as well. This is Caregiving, Together.

You will be positioned uniquely to approach case managers, care coordinators and senior advisors for all the clients they cannot find a caregiver for because you are partnered with the platform that will give you the tools to unleash exponential growth!  

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