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Professional Video Content in ONLY 2 Hours a Month

Video Sales Accelerator

A personalized and customized approach to creating amazing video content to attract clients, caregivers, and referral sources. Includes "digital directing," coaching, online training and video production services.

Get Results Fast

In today's home care market, agencies need to leverage all the tools they can to stand out online. However, many organizations are doing the same thing as everyone else and expecting to get noticed.

Video Sales Accelerator has been proven to help agencies increase sales, drive more leads from referral sources, and hire more caregivers. 

Why It Works

Video converts better than other medium and we are not creating cookie-cutter stock videos. We showcase real people so prospective clients, referral sources and caregivers can feel connected to the people behind the agency. That is what creates the results!

What Makes Digital Champions Different?

Our "Digital Directing" process makes it really easy for agencies to quickly create and get results. In just 2 hours a month we will create high quality video content and then strategically deliver the content across mediums and platforms. 

With 9 plus years working in the home care industry, Nick understands that it is not just about creating videos, but how to leverage them to drive sales, leads, and hires.

What people are saying about "Digital Directing"...

"Digital directing was awesome! It kept me on queue. It helped me put my thoughts together better with your assistance. 

You have a knack of pulling things out of somebody that it might be in my head, but I'm not thinking it to say it. 

This would have probably taken me four weeks at a four hour minimum each time to have recorded this many videos. This was awesome.”

Debbie Humphrey, Owner of Home Helpers

"It would have taken me a week or to do 3 videos but we banged them out in less than an hour. I had some anxiety before because I thought I was going to fumble on my words. You’re very easy to work wit and you guided me and kept me in the lanes.

I like the accountability part too. I feel very felt like it was very productive and we got a lot done. It was awesome."

Skip Ballard, Owner of Touching Hearts At Home

"Having the split screen on Zoom and being able to have some direction was really helpful to me. You kept me on task and you also had me prepared in advance so that I was ready to go when it was time to do our recordings." 

Lisa Fausey, Owner of Home Helpers

"It was incredibly exciting and awesome, and it really made me feel a lot more comfortable doing this. Having you there to help guide me along and keep me on track. 

I wouldn't have been able to do this without Nick coaching me, and now I am set up for success, which I think that's my favorite thing. I know how this is supposed to go, and I feel a lot more confident moving forward that I can handle this." 

Paul Orlando,Community Liaison at Right At Home

Our FAST Proven Process

With digital directing, we record the content together on a zoom call. We are with you every step of the way to help you to bring your best and make sure we get it done!

It's simple...

  • Jump on to a zoom call with Nick
  • Plan and record content
  • DC team edits the videos
  • We share it across mediums and platforms
  • You Generate Sales, Leads, and Hires

Here is everything you get...

One-On-One Support

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching (12 Total Calls - 1 hour each)
  • Voxer Communication: Quick Access To Nick 

DC Creative Video Production

  • Branding Kit: Custom Logo Animation, Royalty Free Music, Custom Motion Graphics, and Custom YouTube End screen
  • 12 Professional Produced Videos
    • Why Video with personalized photos
    • Recruitment video compiled with your caregiver testimonials
    • 10 educational videos with stock b-roll and key point graphics
  • 12 Custom YouTube Thumbnails
  • 12 Blogs (A.I. generated from video transcripts)
  • 10 one min Reel/TikToks/Shorts (created from 10 content video)

YouTube Optimization and Management

We understand that you have enough things on your plate so while you are using our services, we will optimize and manage your YouTube page.

Plus, these 3 bonuses...

  • BONUS: Elder Care Content Guide (Over 100 topics and content done-for-you)
  • BONUS: Social Media Made Easy Course
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Community of Home Care Business Owners

Attract Clients, Caregivers, and Referral Sources

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