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Caregiver Recruitment & Retention Done Differently with Carework

May 08, 2023

Are your marketing materials attracting high-quality caregivers?

These days in home care, marketing is just as much about drawing in high-quality caregivers as it is potential clients. If you haven't reviewed your recruitment marketing strategy recently, now is a great time to do so!

Nick and Rachel will show your and your team how to use marketing techniques to find and hire the best caregivers: 

  • Why marketing matters in recruiting

  • How to use video caregiver testimonials in the recruiting process

  • How to ensure that all marketing materials are consistent with the "caregiver first” mentality (and why that matters!)

  • How to use marketing principles to write job ads that make caregivers take immediate action!

Watch below!

This presentation was hosted and presented by Rachel Gartner from Carework

Carework specializes in helping to grow your business with done-for-you recruiting. Easy-to-use hiring software and dedicated recruiters so you can focus on the rest of your business.

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