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How To Get Better Results On Social Media

Feb 09, 2022

Social media is a big waste of time...

If it doesn't generate results!

On today's episode of Homecare Digital, we're talking about one simple thing you can do to get better results on the content you share.

When it comes to social media, we want results. That's the most important thing.

So what can we do to increase our results?

One of the best pieces of your marketing is utilizing your face. Yes, your smiling face. People love to see it. People are following your page because they know you to some capacity.

Your face is your best marketing tool in leveraging it because you are your brand. You are the reason that people are following you. When your face shows up on their news feed, they go, "Hey, I know that person." And so the more that we can incorporate you as the owner, you as the marketer, members of your team into your social media, the more that people are gonna be scrolling through the newsfeed and say, "Hey, I know that person - like, comment, engage."

The more that you use your face in your marketing effort, the better results that you're going to get. I talked about results and what that is in the previous episode.

Here's an example of one of my students in Lead Machine Academy.

We did a prompt, I gave my students prompts of things that they can do so that they can get better results on social media. And this one is of reintroducing yourself.

So he's got a really nice intro and I gave him this script and then he made it his own into reintroducing himself. What's so awesome is this was his third best post ever.

He's got tons of comments, 11 shares, and again for this to be his third best post ever, it just goes to show and he's pretty active on social media.

There's a few reasons in why this performed well...

1. His Face

One of the biggest reasons, his face right here, having his face on here because he is the brand, people know him.

2. Quality Well Thought Out Content

Some of the other reasons was he took the time to create a quality post here and really let people know. I'm not gonna go into it fully but you can see that having a more long form post like this one - people take the time to read which then increases the amount of people that are engaging with the post.

Another example, this is Chip from ComForCare. Same strategy with a shorter introduction but still had all the fundamental pieces to make this successful.

He's got 13 shares just from this two comments, again one of his highest ranking posts. Here's another example.

This is from Jonathan Marsh and what's so amazing is you can actually see the reach results.

1000 plus people and you can see on the chart his other posts that are 145, 86, 74, and 36.  The one with his face performed so much better!

So this is what you get when you start to use your face when you have great quality content, when you have somebody giving you tools and resources to create better content that's personal, that's real, that's focused around people, small businesses do business with real people.

If you wanna have greater success and you want have results like this - then start creating more content using your face. These things are personal.

Using this technique in additional to occasionally long form content is a really great strategy. Overall it's about creating better content because when someone hits that read more button that increases that engagement. It doesn't have to be a like or comment, someone hitting anywhere on the post in this example read more automatically increases the engagement which then more people end up seeing it. It gets in front of your audience.

So again, these are the fundamental pieces so that you can get better results in what you're doing online.

Do you wanna learn how so many people just like you are getting incredible results on social media, then you have gotta check out my brand new free training, Social Media Success, where you're gonna learn the five biggest mistakes Homecare Business Owners are making and how you can avoid them.

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