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How To Set Yourself Apart In A Caregiver Shortage World with Aaron Osgood from impowered

Sep 29, 2022

You have to be different! But how?

We conclude our 3 part series with Aaron Osgood as he shares the key steps to differentiating yourself from other agencies in your territory during this caregiver shortage.

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You might be wondering how you can stand out in a crowded market with so many people and high demand, but such a limited supply?

Tips on How To Set Yourself Apart in this Caregiver Shortage World

How you set yourself apart is a way of saying that we want you to have more impact as a caregiver. We're also going to reward you with pay.

It's simple, but that is literally it.

One approach to recruiting that a lot of people talk about, but a lot of people don't always do, is rehiring people that previously worked for your company.

When you go and rehire those past caregivers, you need to have a competitive advantage that you're communicating or articulating to them.

If you don't have that competitive advantage that you're communicating to them, they're going to just look at the email and be like:

“Ugh, it's just going to be the same thing for me.”

“They're a great company.”

But you know what? There wasn't a lot of opportunity.

When you go back to those 300, 400, 500, whatever that number of past employees or past caregivers, how can you inspire them?

How can you motivate them to come back to your company?

You can let them know that you have unlimited advancement opportunities and upward mobility.

Tell them that you want them to have more impact in the community and help solve the caregiver shortage, and they’re going to be rewarded through pay with that.

At Impowered, there’s a great way on how to do it.

By the way, Impowered is an app that you can download right onto your phone. With this app, you can start building your team today, and refer friends and family just by hitting the refer button.

Then, you can push it on Facebook, on Twitter, through email, and even text message.

It's super easy.

And we'd love to share more with you on how you can do that.

That's a great way to bring more caregivers into this field and have them back to your organization. 

This is a great way of giving yourself that competitive advantage that you can communicate to those caregivers.

You need to do the process on a regular, consistent basis in order to continue setting yourself apart.

Here’s a story shared by Aaron:

I kind of revert back to some of my previous experience. I've owned a home care company, an assisted living company. But even before that, I was an officer in the army.

I learned a lot about leadership and how to take bold action through the leadership structure in the military.

One thing is called troopleading procedures.

It's kind of a management leadership process cycle.

I'm not going to go through all of those procedures, but I'll give you a kind of a rundown of what that looks like.

It starts with:

“What's our problem?”

“What do we need to fix?”

And then it goes to:

“Hey, let's talk about it.”

“Let's create a plan.”

A lot of people get stuck in creating a plan.

Sometimes, they do have another meeting and talk about the next meeting.

You have to get past that area right there, because a lot of companies can't get past talking about it.

Then, they get analysis paralysis. 

You got to move past that.

You go into the process of executing the plan. Make sure to take that plan, and execute it.

And then while you're executing it, you should also be assessing,

Find out how the plan works. What are the results?

And then based on the results, you have to assess again. Think of how you can refine the plan. 

That is also the time to analyze how you can refine what you’re doing?

Then you start that cycle all over again.

With that cycle, you’ll see that you're going to progress as an organization.

You're going to continue to get better.

You're going to continue to be a better company to work for, while you grow as an organization.

You cannot get stuck in one phase of that cycle.

And if you're not even in that cycle at all, you're probably going backwards.

And to be able to go forward, you always need to be in that cycle. You need to be in that state of cycle and can't get stuck.

What’s important is that you keep going forward.

Going from a meeting, planning and executing that plan, takes bold and deliberate action.

As an industry, we will not solve this caregiver shortage unless we take bold, deliberate action that involves innovation.

We got to think outside the box.

A little bit in home care, at times, we're thinking inside the box too much.

So, we need to innovate and think outside the box.

When you believe in taking action, you will be motivated.

It’s always inspiring to see someone taking action.

When you’re in a home care company, you need to continue to excel and go further.

A company leader must believe in taking bold action and not just talking about it. 

That's what we have to do as an organization and as an industry as a whole.

We need to motivate and inspire our caregivers to take that type of action.


How Impowered Can Help?

Impowered has set up a tool through an app for your caregivers to use where it's caregivers support caregivers. It also supports providers with the goal of growing your company. And ultimately, having more impact, of solving the caregiver shortage, which is what we need to do.

To learn more about how you can empower your caregivers to build their team, how to create more retention, and bring more caregivers into your organization, all you have do is visit impoweredteam.com

You can learn more, see what we're doing, and contact us right through our website,  and we want your caregivers to feel empowered.

So that's why it's spelt empowered with an I.

I'm powered to grow.

I'm powered to have an impact.

I'm powered to make a difference.

I'm powered to have more purpose.

That's what we want each and every one of your caregivers to feel like when they're joining your organization and they're using Impowered.



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