Thanksgiving Home Care Marketing: How To Generate More Referrals

Your Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy Is HERE!!

Today, we're talking about Thanksgiving marketing for home care and things that you can do to give thanks.

What's so awesome is realizing that there are so many reasons that we can start to create to reach out to different referral sources and reconnect with them.

Holidays are just one of the reasons.

What's fantastic about this strategy and why it works so well is that it is personal!

What we can do to really give thanks to our referral sources in this online world is send them videos. I use this all the time!

Sending personalized custom video messages to people to show my appreciation for them. Now, a lot of times I do this when it's somebody's birthday or if they had a big life event.

The big one is birthdays, which is really great because people love getting video messages on their birthday. One of the biggest reasons being because they're not used to getting it.

Just check out some of the comments that I've gotten when I sent out birthday messages.

Pretty amazing, right?

People love to get these messages and you can use this for so many things.

For example, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, being really appreciative and giving thanks to all the things that you have. This is a great opportunity for you to record some personalized messages and send them out to your referral sources and share with them how much you appreciate them and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

I promise you, there are very few people, aside from my students in Lean Machine Academy, that are actually doing this.


1. Record It On Your Phone

The way that we do this on our phone is if we have their cell phone number. We can text them the video. I don't recommend trying to send the video via email because it can be an annoying and difficult process. 

Now, if you don't have their phone number, that's fine. We can send the video from our phone using social media platforms. The reason why this is a really effective strategy is that when you actually have conversations with people on social media, in the direct messaging area, they're going to be more likely to see the content that you're then sharing on those social media platforms.

So, doing it in the DMs is a really great strategy, specifically, if you're showing up consistently on your social media platforms, because now these referral sources are going be more likely to see future content that you are sharing.

Hopefully, making a public Thanksgiving video that will be posted and that they will hopefully see! :)

2. Use Loom

Loom is a video platform for recording, but what makes Loom different is that its specifically designed for sending it out to individual (not for the public).

With Loom, you can record it from your phone or you can record it from the computer which is nice because when you're working, you're at your desk, it makes it easy for you to record and then send this message to these individuals.

It makes it easy and gives you a link that you can send via email, social media, or text message. 

When we use Loom, it actually will track whether or not they actually watched the video and you actually get a notification.

3. Bonjoro

The third option is using an app called Bonjoro. Now, there are other apps out there that can send video messages, but Bonjoro's a really cool one because you can set up different branding, you can have call to actions when you're sending the video and it's all done right from the app.

All you have to do is enter their email, hit record and the app takes care of the rest.

With Bonjoro, you'll also be able to track whether or not they opened and watched the video or not, which is a really cool feature.

You can also use this tool for sending it to caregivers. Again, being able to track to see if they're watching it, having a call to action, maybe "Hey, schedule the interview". I talked about that in a previous episode where you can use video messaging to increase your show-up rate.

You can see that video here

In review, there are a lot of different tools for utilizing video messaging, but this is gonna be a huge impact when you implement this strategy.

If you're still reading, I have something to say...

I just want to say thank you so much. I appreciate you so much. I hope you have an amazing and incredible Thanksgiving filled with delicious food. I'm going to be pigging out.

I am so grateful for you. So, grateful for you taking the time to watch these videos or read these blogs posts, follow me on social, etc.

I hope you get a ton of value from all of this.


I appreciate you, have an amazing Thanksgiving and I'll talk to you soon!


Thanksgiving Challenge

1. Choose 5 people to send personalized video messages.

2. Record the videos and send them out to them.

3. Watch the impact it creates.

Simple right? 

Do you accept the challenge?


I look forward to hearing how it works out for you!


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