The Most Underutilized Social Media Platform: Home Care Heroes Podcast With Ankota Part 1

This is by far the most underutilized platform for your home care business...

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Featured: Home Care Heroes Podcast With Ken Accardi, CEO of Ankota


What would you say are the top social media platforms for a Home Care Agency to be on top of?



Facebook and Instagram

I recommend Facebook and Instagram. I really been pushing a lot of my clients to get onto Instagram but some are hesitant. The fact is that if you're already using Facebook then you might as well start leveraging Instagram.

Linked In

The other one is LinkedIn. Very underutilized. When it comes to LinkedIn this is really good for referral sources because you can see where people work. You can see if there's certain referral sources that you want to connect with. 

If you know that they're referring x amount of patients a month then they have a great potential as a referral source and we should target them. 

Ever since the pandemic, walking in the door has become that much more difficult and Linked In makes it possible to reach out and connect with them.

Step 1: 

Check to see is to see if you have any mutual connections with anyone in the organization. 

Step 2:

If you have a mutual connection, reach out to them and see if they are willing to make an introduction. 

There are no other social sites where the literally telling you exactly who these people are and/or where they work. Then being able to make those connections.

If you don't have any mutual connections - watch this video

How To Get Better Results On Linked In

At the same time, Linked In works like all social sites where you get to know people from what they post and share. However, not every posts much which gives you an advantage by being one of those people. 

Get More Referrals From Existing Referral Sources

If you are active on your social media and then you know give an opportunity to get referrals simply by posting. You show up on their feed and it reminds them that they haven't sent you a referral in a while. 


Then the last one is YouTube. This is by far the most underutilized social media platform. 


1. SEO

It can be leveraged to increase an SEO (Search Engine Optimization). YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google and Google owns YouTube.

When your audience is looking for information, they're typing into Google. You can create resources and tools in the form of video content that answers frequently asked questions that people are searching.

2. Increases Conversions From Your Website

When prospects come to your website and looking for more resources they will see a library of you! They see that you put in the work and you're not going anywhere. You (a real person) is here to help them. 

3. Know Like Trust

Not to mention the know-like-trust factor of being on video. By having video, people feel like they get to know you. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. 

Why is Youtube the most underutilized?

Unlike all the other social platforms, when you post it goes into the feed and then it is basically gone. With YouTube, your videos that are best will continues to reap rewards. Even one really great video can have lasting results!


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