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Top 3 Best Social Media Platforms for Home Care

Feb 15, 2023

Do you know what social media sites to go on?

Have no fear.

Hi, I'm Nick Bonitatibus and today on Home Care Digital, we're talking about the three best social media platforms that you should be using for your home care business.

Top 3 Social Media Platforms for your Home Care Business

#1 YouTube

Don't go anywhere yet.

I know what you're thinking.

I'm biased, that's true.

But here's the thing.

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and Google owns YouTube.

So just stick with me and you're going to know why and how YouTube is far superior than the other social media sites.

But again, I'm going to talk about three.

This is just the first one.

Number one, right?

Increasing SEO.

It is so much more than social media.

It is like Netflix for your business.

And so people can go and watch and binge and watch more and more videos.

That is the power it becomes this library, your own streaming site where people go.

Social media isn't like that.

When you go to social media to check it out, you may scroll a few, but then you're only seeing the recent post.

But with YouTube, they're going to show you the best posts. You can make it by optimizing your profile, showing people the highest performing videos.

And so any video that you have that does really well, your audience is telling you, "hey, this video is great!"

Then that video can continue to produce results again and again and again and again.

So that's the power of leveraging YouTube. That's so superior from any other social media site where your post just goes through regardless of how great it does and then disappears.

YouTube content gets used again and again.

One of my favorite quotes from Sean Cannell, "A good YouTube video is like hiring an employee. You pay once, that works for you for weeks, months and years to come."

This is the power of YouTube.

One video can be so impactful for your business.

For example, Chris. One of his highest performing videos, talking about how to convince seniors to wear adult diapers.

And then now it's over 1000 and it just continues to climb and climb and climb.

Another example.

Meet Lauren.

She got over 200,000 views, continues to climb and climb and climb.

This video is constantly getting more and more views, generating business.

How about Dawn?

This is her highest performing views, right?

It's so funny because I took this screenshot and then it was at 7000 views.

Now it's at over 9000 views.

And it's only been like a month.

So she's got almost 2000 views in a month.

This is what can happen when you have a really good video and she's got a bunch of other videos that are performing well.

But what happens is if you have a really good video, it trickles down to your other videos.

And so just by having one video, it increasing the views of your other videos that you have.

That's why it's really hard if you go to an influencer to find their first video and want to see how many views they have. This is because people always want to go back to where they started and watch all the content.

So just by having one video can get more views on all of your videos.

If one video does well.

The other aspect of this, one of my students recently created their story, their about video and he is killing it by using it how it's designed to be used, where he's putting in it as his email signature, putting it on his website, sending it to caregivers.

You can have one video that you can use again and again and again.

So it's really powerful in thinking about, okay, this is great.

One great video can produce results.

The other aspect of YouTube comes from a branding side and really showcasing yourself as the expert in a particular field.

So ask yourself, what do you want to be known for?

Jonah wanted to be known for dementia, created dementia videos.

Because of it, now he's branded himself as the dementia expert.

Do you want to be branded as the dementia expert?

When you create consistent content around a specific topic, you now brand yourself as that industry leading expert.

But we can only do that on YouTube.

You can create a post that talks about Alzheimer's, but anyone can create a post.

It's a whole other aspect to talk about it, make videos about it, prove that you know what you're talking about. You are the expert and you can be trusted to care for that person's loved one that's looking into your business.

Jonathan wanted to be known for long term care insurance.

Now he's crushing it using this video again and again and again.

During prospect calls, they have questions about long term care insurance. Ask them, "Oh, by the way, we also have some great videos that you can check out."

Oh awesome!

These videos work for you when you're sleeping.

How would you like to get more sales while you're sleeping?

This is how you can do it.

#2 LinkedIn

The second best social media that I recommend is LinkedIn.

I think it is by far the most underutilized social media platform when it comes to the home care industry.

Most of the time it's because home care businesses aren't always leveraging the personal side of LinkedIn.

They're like, oh, I know I need to have a social media presence, so let me just post some stuff on Facebook.

That'll be great. Yeah!

But LinkedIn is so powerful in the fact that you can actually see where people work.

So in your marketing effort you can do LinkedIn research, find if people work at certain facilities that you're looking to market to, that you're looking to get referral sources. See if you have mutual connections so that they can then introduce you to somebody that maybe they're trying to meet.

There's no other social media platform that allows you to see where somebody works.

I mean, it's really amazing to look in and being able to qualify your accounts.

What's really nice, too, about LinkedIn is that if you're looking to nurture and build a relationship. You can just follow accounts before connecting with them, which allows you to engage meaningfully on their posts before sending them that LinkedIn connection, where it's this immediate sales pitch.

Don't do that.

There's a very strategic way to reach out to people on LinkedIn.

I'm not going to go into that today.

But you definitely want to make sure that if you are leveraging LinkedIn, that you're not just sending random connections whenever you want.

Use the follow feature, connect meaningfully and follow peopleyou want to engage with.

And then create comments that are personal, that get their attention, and then show up on a consistent basis engaging with them.

You could be very strategic.

Almost like a sniper, you got this target, and you're like, I really want to get a referral from this person.

So you're commenting on all their stuff, you're following, you're seeing what they're doing.

This can be very powerful tool, especially if you've done the research up front to know that that referral source that you're trying to contact has a high potential for referrals.

And then lastly, it's designed for business, so people are more inclined to leveraging it and utilizing it in a business aspect.

And if you really want to succeed, keep in mind that the majority of people are not posting to LinkedIn.

So simply by posting to LinkedIn,you are going to get greater results than anyone else.

A very small percentage actually post anything.

The majority are not posting anything.

So if you want to differentiate yourself, actually post content.

#3 Facebook

I know Facebook has its issues, but it's still one of the top social media sites for your target demographic.

People are still on Facebook.

They're still using it.

It's not dead.

People were saying Facebook was dead ten years ago.

It's still not dead.

So understand that Facebook is still a great tool in understanding your market and who's there and who you're trying to target.

So I still recommend that you use Facebook.

But keep in mind too that if you're going to be leveraging Facebook, you can just repurpose and schedule content to Instagram also.

So they are owned by the same company.

So keep that in mind.

But those are the big three, right?

Some things that you should know about Facebook is that the organic traffic on Facebook is really poor right now.

So if you do want to leverage Facebook, like if you're posting stuff on Facebook right now on your business page, go to your analytics, see what kind of reach you're getting.

Because some businesses that have like a thousand followers are only getting seen by like 20 people.

So if you're not getting that reach, then you're basically wasting your time.

Full disclosure, you're wasting your time.

But if you put the marketing dollars behind your Facebook ads,target those thousand followers that you do have.

Your ROI on Facebook goes up dramatically.

But it's so hard to rely solely on organic right now on Facebook, which is why people are moving to other platforms that have that more potential for organic reach.

I mean, YouTube has a lot of potential for organic reach.

LinkedIn is great for collaborative reach, right?

Mutual contacts.

And Facebook, you're going to have to use the paid reach.

#4 Honorable Mention TikTok

I did a whole video talking about TikTok and whether or not it's going to be a good platform. 

I personally just think that if we want to stay current, the home care industry is constantly years behind.

If you can start to leverage and get used to creating content on TikTok, you're going

to absolutely crush it.

And specifically, if you leverage how I talked about it in the previous video where you're repurposing YouTube videos.


Now, if you do a video strategy, you can use it for YouTube, for LinkedIn, for Facebook, for TikTok, all video posting it across all platforms.

Is that what we want?

Let's work smarter, not harder.

So there you go.

There's the big three plus the honorable mention.

Go out there, utilize these platforms to the best of their ability, and if you want some help, you know who to call.


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