What Not To Do On Social Media

digital champions Aug 19, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about what not to do on your social media.

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When I'm working with clients and seeing what other businesses are doing, I see that there are some common trends that people tend to do on social media.

1. Not Posting At All

Oh, big mistake. Social media is so powerful to be able to utilize, and build your audience, and create relationships. This is a huge mistake.

I understand that a lot of times it's because there's no system, there are no processes. This is what I do with my clients, and helping them to create systems in their businesses and in their social media so that they're not worrying about what to post, and then, they end up not doing anything, or they post a bunch at one time, and then they forget, and they don't have it because they don't have these things set in place.

Please do not make that mistake and not posting.

We want to make sure that we're creating a consistent schedule, that we are putting out content on a regular, consistent basis.

Your time is valuable, but I understand that we need to make time for this, whatever that may be. If it's just one post a week, which I don't recommend, I hope that you do more than that, but that's better than nothing. 

This leads to the second one...

2. No Plan or Strategy

I mentioned this previously, is just understanding that when you have these systems in place, you have these strategies of what you're going to do each day and why.

This is how I'm going to do it, and you have this strategy behind everything that you're going to be posting, and going to be sharing because there should be some underlying messaging, who you're talking to, who your target audience is, how you're communicating those messages all comes with that plan and strategy, and the more that we have this plan and strategy, the easier social media becomes.

3. Always Selling

I see people make this mistake all the time. They post some picture and they say "hey, we help you do this" and they do it over and over again. 

That's not what social media is about. It's not about selling.

It's about creating relationships. It's about creating connections. It's about providing value.

If you saw the video that I did last week, you know that I'm talking about entertaining, education, empowering. Those are the things that we're doing. We're not just trying to sell, sell, sell. Social media is not a billboard.

We need to understand this, and you will get so much more out of your social media. You're going to get so much more engagement. You're going to get so much more reach when you stop trying to sell, and understand that when you do these other things, it, in turn, does the selling for you indirectly, by staying in front of people, getting that organic traffic, getting those shares, getting that engagement by continuing to provide value.

The last thing is...

4. Doing It All Yourself.

You're a business owner. You're an entrepreneur. You're a digital CEO.

You can't be spending time doing all your social media. That is not going to happen. It's not going to work well. You're going to be overwhelmed. Oh my gosh, I have to do all these other things. I have to handle my clients, and I have to do social media?

No, you do not.

You need to bring on a team that's going to help you incorporate your strategies, incorporate your methods, but you have to have a plan and a strategy (like I talked about in this post) in order to delegate these responsibilities. And doing it in a way that's strategic. It can't just be outsourced to some company.

It needs to be you understanding that you are the person. You are the voice of your business. You need to be involved in it in some aspect to provide the direction, to provide the messaging, but the task itself can be done with a team, and building a team, whether it be hiring an employee, hiring a virtual assistant, things of that sort are so powerful, and making your life easier.

It doesn't have to be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be complex.

If you utilize these things, utilize these tips that I'm talking about, it's going to make your life easier and get you the results that you're looking for.

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