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What Types Of Videos Can You Create For Your Business PART 2

Aug 03, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about what are some other videos that you can make for your business.

In case you missed part 1: Watch it here first

4. Recruiting Employees

This can be such a powerful tool if you're looking to hire more people for your organization. Highlighting your current employees and why they like to work for you, so similar to the video about your about video, you wanna do the same thing for your employees.

Why should someone work for you?

Not, hey! I have jobs! Yes, that can work depending on what it is. But at the same time, it can be so much more powerful to try and recruit people for the why. The best employees probably already have jobs. 

So if you can properly reflect why your company is the best, and why this particular employee should come to you, because your other employees are so happy and they love working for you, that's gonna be your best recruiting tool. It's gonna be able to allow you to bring in better help and more qualified canidates. 

So, just something to consider, when you focus on the value of why people like to work for you, you may be able to recruit some higher-level employees.

5. Client Enrollment.

I said this before in regards to things that you're consistently repeating, it's a great framework to start on the different types of videos that you can create. If you're consistently having to explain certain things of the enrollment process when a client is starting, you can create a video so you don't have to. Again, saving you time.

Think about the common questions that your clients are already asking. You can have a whole resource page to direct people to if they have any questions.

It gives you time to get back to them. You can say, hey, I'll get back to you, or you have an automated response like, if you have questions, you can check here for frequently asked questions for our clients and direct them there. 

6. Testimonials

Testimonials are so powerful when you actually see the person. And with today's technology, you can simply ask somebody, hey, can you film a testimonial on your smartphone and send it to me? It's as simple, ask, if your customer is really happy, they should be pretty happy to be willing to film that for you. It has such a greater impact when you do it video versus written testimonials.

Yes, people can fake the written testimonials and I hope that you're not thinking about doing that, but it's very unlikely that you're gonna have fake video testimonials. It is possible but most of the time, when you have a video testimonial, it's really going to say a lot.

And if you think about it, as you progress if you continue to build, it'll be pretty amazing have a testimonials page with tons of videos just flooded with all these people raving about your services, it becomes very powerful.

So it should become part of your routine instructing customers that you want to ask for them to send you a video for you.

So, as you can tell, there are a ton of uses for video and not just in your marketing effort.

The real goal, as I've mentioned many times in this video, is about saving you time and also being more effective because video is the most powerful medium and people retain so much much more on video than they do reading something in text.

So, I hope this video helps, gives you some ideas, start recording, start creating, have a great week.

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