Home Care Stats You Need To Know Part 1: Marketing

Home Care Stats You NEED To Know...

I've been studying the recent Home Care Pulse Benchmarking study and there were a few graphs that really stood out to me. Over the next 3 weeks we're going to break them down starting with one focused on marketing.

Let's dive in!

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Do you want to make better decision in your business?

Then you gotta know the numbers and so I am so excited that I just got the 13th Annual Edition of the Home Care Pulse Benchmarking study and there's so many incredible stats in here.

And over the next three weeks I'm gonna be diving into three specific graphs that we're going to go over to help you to make better decisions in your business so that you can create better results.

Part 1: Marketing


Photo from page 28.

So if you have it, you can pull it up on the benchmarking study. But what I really want to go over is each part of these sections and understanding...

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