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The Simple Step-By-Step System For Leveraging The Power Of Video Marketing To Generate Leads For Your Home Care Business…

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Case Study #1

Jonathan Marsh, Owner of Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton
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"We're using video for multiple aspects of the business. Not only for social media and youtube, but also potential clients, new clients, caregiver training, recruits, and so much more!"

Check Out Some Of The Videos He Has Created!

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Case Study #2

Bob and Dawn Neely, Owners of Seniors Helping Seniors

Our exposure has been increased, our inquiries have increased and our connections have grown measurably.

We were the type of ‘digital marketers’ that thought they were doing the right thing by posting relevant articles once in a while or posting random pictures of our company in the community.

Nick has walked alongside us as we have tackled the world of video. Video with intention that has allowed us to create powerful strategies on social media that is already producing results.

Our exposure has been increased, our inquiries have increased and our connections have grown measurably over the last several weeks and we believe it to be directly related to the video program. We recommend Nick’s program to anyone that is looking to broaden their digital footprint.

Check Out Some Of The Videos They Have Created!

Bathing With Dementia have over 8.9K views!

Conversations with The Elderly has over 1.5K views!

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Case Study #3

Jonah Fransis, President of Pansy Home Care

The Alzheimer's Association recognized Jonah's videos specifically discussing dementia and reached out to him to join the board. They even created an extra seat just for him!

Check Out Some Of The Videos He Has Created!

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Here are more happy clients...

"Direct and simplistic. The road to video success is paved by Nick Bonitatibus!

You definitely have to invest. And it's not in Nick. Nick is fantastic, don't get me wrong, but you're investing in yourself. With his guidance, it's going to open doors that you didn't even know were there. He's a great coach. And not just in business, but for your personal life too. Good things will come to you.

Dan McGuire, Director of Sales Right at Home

"For those on the fence, this is a MUST to grow and expand your footprint on the web.

I don't know if many of you guys are like me, but when I'm on social media, it's the videos that seem to get my interests. I knew they were important, but I never really just got around to doing it my own. I knew it would be easy, but I just didn't know how to do it. Nick's program is amazing. It really taught me exactly what to do, how easy it is to actually get started.

And it was just that simple. I went through the course and was able to talk to Nick and others in the Facebook group. Nick has really helped me understand social media marketing. The tools and tactics he showed has made my company really stand out from the competition. I highly recommend Nick's program.

So if you thinking about it, if you're not sure about it, or if you're just like me, you've seen everybody else do videos, and you're like, well, it's about time. Then guess what, it's about time.Sign up with Nick! Thank you Nick! For those on the fence, this is a MUST to grow and expand your footprint on the web.

David Posner, Vice President of Business Development at HomeCare.com

"Nick is not only an incredible guy... he is an incredible coach.

His ability to listen and get to the root of cause matched with his ability to help you define and work toward your end results is a true skill. Yes, he is a top notch digital marketing and lead generating machine but his professional and relatable approach of delivery is something that sets him apart. I highly recommend him and his services!

Jessica Nobels, Owner of Home Care Ops and Nobility Care Solutions

"Video marketing is crucial to the success of an organization. 

Nick showed me there is an intentionality that goes behind social media and video marketing that is crucial to the success of an organization. 

I have leaned and continue to lean heavily on Nick's expertise to help me and my organization grow in those areas.

Caleb Roseme, CEO of Assured Quality Home Care

"If you have an opportunity to work with Nick B, do it! You will not regret it. You’ll thank me later.

I have been a part of many masterminds, the group coaching is in my top three. I absolutely love it! I have learned so much and have gained so many nuggets as a result of being part of the group. It has change my social media digital interactions forever. Do it! Do not hesitate! If you have an opportunity to work with Nick B, do it! You will not regret it. You’ll thank me later.”

Cassandra Bennett, CEO & President of ComForCare

"I would highly recommend anyone hiring Nick on as a coach, your life and business will be better for it!

I am so thankful I met Nick when I needed his coaching and expertise and Nick was and is a great consultant and coach! We developed an ongoing respect and friendship. I would highly recommend anyone hiring Nick on as a coach, your life and business will be better for it! Five Stars."

Lawrence Fulton, Owner of San Diego Senior Care

"Our web presence has escalated to places I would never have been able to achieve without him.

Not only is Nick extremely well versed in his craft of digital marketing, he is just an all around awesome individual to work with. He takes his knowledge and influences, motivates, and supports the end goal you are trying to reach. Our web presence has escalated to places I would never have been able to achieve without him. I would highly recommend Nick for anyone looking to increase their outreach on digital platforms.

Paul Orlando, Community Liaison at Right At Home

"I would highly recommend Nick. I would never have got on video if it was not for him.

I was clueless when it came to social media, but I knew it was imperative that I had an understanding of some social media strategies. I really wanted to learn how to get on video, but I was scared to death to do it. With Nick's help, I posted videos of cases that were available. During an interview, I had one caregiver tell me she had stalked some of my videos over a period of time and she chose to work with me because of them. 

I would highly recommend Nick. I would never have got on video if it was not for him. He's so unbelievably accessible. He had weekly coaching sessions with other leaders and owners in the industry. I was able to take strategies, not just from Nick, but from the other owners in the group who had been having success. He's fabulous. It's almost like talking to a friend and a friend teaching you how to do social media and video strategies. So thank you so much!

Jenny Johnson BSN RN, Owner of Heart of Gold Nursing

"He will grow your business! 

I have known Nick over one year as our video marketing coach. He is so passionate & knowledgeable in what he does & it truly shows in his work. Hire him! He will grow your business!

Chris Zayid, CEO at Affinity Senior Care 

"What are you waiting for? Definitely sign up, uh, it's worth its weight and gold.

Before I met Nick, we had a lot of big ideas about video. Fortunately I was pretty comfortable doing video and being on camera, but just was not translating into consistent action as far as using that in our business. Nick would hold my feet to the fire. 

He would make me get things down in a very specific way. When are you gonna do it? Put it on the calendar. What time, what are you gonna talk about? I love that. I had someone as an owner holding me accountable for the goals that I had set for myself. 

I am super thankful for Nick and all of the wisdom he's imparted on, on me and my team. And we're so thankful to be a part of it. So if you're on the fence, what are you waiting for? Definitely sign up, uh, it's worth its weight and gold. It's very valuable. Love Nick! Love Digital Champions!

Annie Soliman, Owner of Care Crew Home Care

And a few videos they have created...

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When You Enroll, You Will...

  • Create Videos that Capture Attention & Build a Loyal Audience
  • Learn How to Share Your Story Authentically Through Online Video in Order to Build an Unstoppable Brand that Conveys Trust and Professionalism
  • Generate "Buzz" On-Demand with Engaging Videos that Leave People Sharing Your Content and Talking About YOU!
  • Attract Ideal Customers Who are Already Searching for Your Services!
  • Build A System That Consistently Generates Leads and Sales

See What's Inside For You Once You Become A Member Of Lead Machine Academy

Weekly Group Coaching

What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

What keeps us "stuck" is that which we can't see. We have these blind spots and that's why coaching is absolutely essential if you want to grow.

I first discovered this truth after being part of a few masterminds and coaching programs. My coaches always noticed things that I didn't, they asked questions I wouldn't, and they offered clarity when I couldn't.  

When I launched my online course and students began to enroll, I wondered why they were not getting the results I wanted for them. I gave them all the tools they needed, but I wasn't seeing the things in the program being implemented as quickly as I had hoped.

I noticed that just like me, in order for some of my students to get the results, they too needed coaching.

Coaching Includes...

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching/Training Calls (features guest presenters)
  • Done WITH You
  • Customized Strategies
  • Accountability
  • Guided Implementation
  • Collaboration

Online Training

The online training program is broken up into 3 phases consisting of video education. Throughout the portal you will be instructed to do specific exercises and milestones that directly correlate with your success in the program. It is simple...

If you do the work - you will get results! 

Here is a breakdown of the course material:

The Frame

You will learn the fundamentals for success and how to overcome the biggest obstacles that hold most people back from getting started.

The Set Up

You will learn the exactly how to record your videos to look and sound like a professional even if you have never recorded a video before and/or consider yourself "not techy". By the time you complete this training you will have an optimized YouTube channel ready for videos to be added to your library and playlists.  

Your Video Road Map

You will learn the secrets to creating awesome content without having to doing it one take! Plus, you will know exactly what types of videos to create first with scripts and outlines to help you ever step of the way. By the time you complete this lesson you will have your 2 most impactful videos ready to go that you will be able to use again and again in ever aspect of your business from marketing to recruitment.

Becoming The Industry Expert

Regardless of what you want to be known for in your territory, this is where you rise as a leader. You may be wondering what you will talk about, but with the Elder Care Content Guide you have close to 100 different videos you could create already mapped out for you. All you have to do is record them!

The Execution

Once your content is created the next step is distribution. In this training you will learn the step-by-step through essential strategies, where to post and how to optimize results across platforms.

Private Facebook Community

You don't have to do it alone.

LMA is the Home Care community you have been waiting for!

  • Connect with other Home Care Business Owners and Marketers as they begin leveraging video and social media.

  • Access to additional training from Nick and other guest experts.

  • Q&A Support from Nick and other members of the group.

What do you have to loose?

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 30-Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

I don't want unhappy money or an unhappy customer. If this is not the best Video Marketing Training you've ever taken, if you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email my team at ([email protected]) requesting a full, immediate refund!

No Questions Asked!

- Nick Bonitatibus

That's Not All...

When you enroll today, you will also unlock all these extra bonuses...


Exclusive Editing Services

From rough and raw to professional and polished!

One of the biggest things that holds businesses back is feeling like things need to perfect and that means doing it all yourself.

As a member of Lead Machine Academy, you will get exclusive access to editing services. This is not available to the general public. As a member benefit, you get professional editing services at a fraction of the price.

Check Out Some Of The Videos Digital Champions has edited...

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Elder Care Content Guide

Worried You Won't Know What To Talk About It?

You have nothing to worry about because we have done all the work for you! Over 100 different video topics for you to create about senior care including ones that target clients, some that target referral sources, and others that target caregivers, but the majority can be used for ALL 3!

The the only thing you will have to decide is which topics to do first!


Social Media Made Easy Mini Course

Video is not all that you will be creating!! 

Social media can seem like a big strain on your business and you may not know where to start. Social Made Easy is designed to help you to create, manage, and grow your social media presence when you are not posting video content. 

You will walk away with a full blueprint knowing EXACTLY how to use social to your advantage, optimize your profiles, and get results!
  • Learn what to post and why
  • Uncover the common mistakes businesses are making when managing their professional pages
  • Discover the techniques to stand out by creating your unique online presence 
  • Implement the simple growth how-tos to increase the reach on your platforms
  • Unlock the key resources to make social media simple, easy, and effective


Health Care Content Calendars, Social Templates, and other additional resources so you can spend less time on social and more time doing what you love in your life and business.


When you join Lead Machine Academy, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to master digital home care marketing including...

Lead Machine Academy 

  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching/Training Calls (2 sessions a month)
  • Lead Machine Academy Online Training Course
  • EXCLUSIVE Online Facebook Community


  1. Exclusive Editing Services For Members Only
  2. Elder Care Content Guide
  3. Social Media Made Easy Mini Course


  • Academy Resource Library
  • FREE Ticket To ALL Online Workshops
  • All future courses and updates for as long as you are a member

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