The Most Underutilized Social Media Platform...

This is by far the most underutilized platform for your home care business...

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Featured: Home Care Heroes Podcast With Ken Accardi, CEO of Ankota


What would you say are the top social media platforms for a Home Care Agency to be on top of?



Facebook and Instagram

I recommend Facebook and Instagram. I really been pushing a lot of my clients to get onto Instagram but some are hesitant. The fact is that if you're already using Facebook then you might as well start leveraging Instagram.

Linked In

The other one is LinkedIn. Very underutilized. When it comes to LinkedIn this is really good for referral sources because you can see where people work. You can see if there's certain referral sources that you want to connect with. 

If you know that they're referring x amount of patients a month then they have a great potential as a referral source and we should target them. 

Ever since...

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Featured: The Power of Video Marketing with Approved Senior Network

featured Mar 15, 2022

Here is a breakdown of the episode...

  • Introduction of Nick Bonitatibus as the owner and founder of Digital Champions
  • How Nick helps people to be comfortable in front of the camera (doing it on repeat, not caring about what other people think)
  • In creating videos and talking to people, message is more important than looks
  • People’s willingness to do a video
  • Advantages of having your face/personality in a video to have a connection with your viewers/listeners
  • Nick’s tips and tricks in recording and creating videos
  • Nick’s ideal client (home care business owners)
  • Nick’s coaching program (Lead Machine Academy)
  • Importance of education in the industry
  • Repurposing content
  • Referral sources
  • Nick’s free training


Quotes from the episode:

  • “The common misconception when it comes to video and really anything that we do is that we have this expectation that it’s going to be so And so, when we actually accept that it’s not going to be perfect...
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Mastering Public Speaking

featured Feb 22, 2022

I had the privilege of speaking with my good friend, John Duffin from Duffin Media, about my journey as a public speaker, moving to San Diego, and building my business. 

Talking in front of people may not have started the way you would have thought.

Have a listen!

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Vision | The Home Care Leaders Podcast: How to Use Social Media to Drive New Client & Caregiver Engagement

Click Here To See Home Care Pulse Post

Nick Bonitatibus, Owner of Digital Champions covers how to improve your social media strategy to drive engagement from prospective clients and caregivers. He’ll deep dive on video strategies, results he’s seen from providers using video, and how you can start seeing results from video today.

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Courage: The Essential Ingredient To Building Any Dream (FEATURED)

featured Mar 22, 2021

"We live in this world of instant gratification. We want things right away. But if you truly desire your goal, you're willing to do whatever it takes no matter how long it takes."

Read more and learn about Tee here:

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Tribe Of Leaders: Episode 92: Living your Dreams (FEATURED)

featured Mar 13, 2021

I had the privilege of being interviewed by the amazing Emi Kirschner. She is a powerful leader and an incredible coach and leader.

On the episode, I share my story as well as how to get started and be successful with video marketing. 

I strongly recommend that you check out everything she has to offer, but first - have a listen here.

Click Here To Read About The Episode, Episode Highlights, Quotes, Resources, and The Tribe of Leaders Podcast

You can also learn more about Emi from episode 18 from when she was featured on Let's Grow Together! Link below. 

18: Work Life Balance Is Bulls#!t with Emi Kirschner

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Too Legit To Quit: Video Marketing, Fear & Green Lantern (FEATURED)

featured Jan 05, 2021


Episode 5: Too Legitimate to Quit - Instantly Actionable Small Business Strategies with a Pop Culture Spin

Video marketing outperforms other methods time and time again - and yet, many small business owners remain camera shy. Why and at what cost?

This week, Annie P. sits down with digital marketer extraordinaire Nick Bonitatibus to talk about two opposing forces: the willpower to be more visible – and the fear that keeps us from hitting "record."

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