Home Care Marketing Secret Weapon You NEED To Use More

Have you ever thought about what powerful tool you can use in your tool belt that will generate more sales and get more caregivers? Of course you have! Let's dive in. 

The number one tool to use in your tool belt is social proof. Now, social proof does not just mean reviews. It’s also important to know what you can do to get more reviews, where you can use them, and really know the fundamentals of leveraging this. 

It’s crucial to understand what we're really leveraging and showcasing transformations and experiences. It’s not just getting Google reviews to acquire more clients. 

It’s an aspect not only to get more clients, but also to get more results and referrals. In addition, it’s also about attracting more caregivers to your business.

So where can you use these reviews? 

Because a lot of times we're pushing to get more Google reviews. However, we're not actually using and leveraging them. If you're not focusing on Google...

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How To Get More Google Reviews For Your Home Care Business

It's essential!! When prospects (and caregivers) are looking for a company to work with - you can bet they are going to check google reviews. When you go on Amazon, is it not the first thing you check?

Here are some quick tips to get more...

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Whenever you go to Amazon, what's the first thing that you look at?

You look at the reviews, right? Have you ever done this?

I was having a conversation with my brother and he was looking to buy a ski goggles and I made a comment on a pair he was considering and said "what only 25 reviews, don't even bother."

When it comes to Amazon you're always looking for somebody that has an immense amount of reviews. You want that social proof or lots of people saying "hey, this is a quality product(or service)."

There's so many people that have said it look it's the strength in the numbers. Getting more of those five star reviews is essential
piece to getting better results.

We want to get more...

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How To Get More Google, Yelp, and Facebook Reviews

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna be talking about how to get more Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews and any type of reviews.

This is one of the most simple things that you can do. People are always trying to get more reviews but don't do the only thing and the main thing that gets reviews.

Do you know what it is?

It's simple, you ask for them. Yes, I know seems simple right? But how come it's so hard?

So how can we make it easier for people to get these reviews and how can we make it easier to get those reviews without having to reach out to people on a consistent basis?


1. Automate

With your CRM system when somebody does business with you or they purchase a product or they use your services, automate an email that sends it to them that asks for a review. If you're doing quality service and you're doing good work and you have a good product, this shouldn't be a problem. You should be getting more and more reviews out there. The more that you...

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