Holiday Videos To Create For Home Care

Ho, Ho, Ho! With Christmas is coming up we're going to talk about some great holiday themed videos for you to make for your home care business.


1. Senior Gifts

What a great idea to think about different gifts that you can get for your senior loved one. And what's really unique about this is you can add a lot of value to educating your audience about the benefits of things that you're buying for your loved one.

For example, one of the things that we got from my grandmother is a Facebook Portal. What's really cool about the Facebook Portal is that it connects with Facebook. So it makes it really easy to use. But what it does is basically creates a video chat that makes it easy for us to stay connected with her.

She lives in Arizona, I live in San Diego, and the a big chunk of the rest of my family is in the Philadelphia area. It makes it really easy for us to do video chat, which is great because if you've actually done the studies that depression is very common...

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3 Ways How To Make Better Videos Before Hitting Record

Want to make better videos? All we got to do is increase our energy! So how can we go about making better videos by increasing our energy?

1. Stand Up When You Record

Standing is a great way to increase your energy in your videos. When you sit it often makes you more sluggish. It also makes us crouch our back instead of our back being nice and straight. 

2. Pump Yourself Up

All right, this was something that one of my students shared on our group call last week where he actually plays pump up music to get excited about the filming process. He uses that to motivate himself and get really psyched and get pumped up.

To gain more energy, play some motivational music to get yourself going.

3. Overemphasize 

The other thing that you need to understand when it comes to video and making better videos is that video has a tendency to bring your energy down. So we want to be overdramatic and over energized.

I know it can feel weird at first, but it can make a huge difference....

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The Elder Care Tragedy Story That Never Happened

I am so proud to share this story!

However, it is even more important for you to create and share on your social media platforms. In today's episode of Digital Champions, I share the video you MUST create and post on Sept 22nd.

When you share this important info you will have the potential to save lives. To have that level of impact is truly what working in this amazing industry is all about. 

Do you know what event is on September 22nd?

Fall Prevention Awareness Day.

Now here's the thing...

When it comes to fall prevention, the majority of people do not know about preventing falls in the home. I love to share a story about when my grandmother needed care.

My dad had reached out and let me know that he had hired a company for home care. And the thing was, my dad was not aware of the industry. He didn't know certain things like fall prevention. And unfortunately the home care company that he had hired, didn't do a simple safety inspection to make sure that it...

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