How to Humanize your Brand


These bland stock photos and inauthentic social media content needs to go! It is not helping your business.

It is not B2b (Business to Business) or B2C (Business To Consumer) - it is P To P. People To People!

If you want social media to truly work then you need to humanize your brand.

Here's how...


That's how your social media is.

Most of you, well, probably.

Hi, I'm Nick Bonitatibus, and on today's episode of Home Care Digital, we're talking about how to humanize your brand so you can get better results on social media.

Recognize this woman?

You should.

She's everywhere.

I hope that she's not on your website or on your social media.

This is not humanizing your brand.

This just makes you seem like everyone else using these boring stock photos.

I mean, I hope she's getting money off of these photos.

I doubt it.

I doubt she's getting royalty checks for every photo that's used.

No shot.

But if you're using her, time to stop.

Same with these two:

... and these two....

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Make Social Media Easy

If only...

Social media can be extremely difficult and time consuming if you don't know what you're doing. It is also a big waste of time and money if you are doing it wrong.

Here are a few things you can do to make it easier...

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Why can't social media be easy?

Oh, it can.

On today's episode of Homecare Digital, I'm talking about how to make social media really easy.

Number one, use Canva.

It's literally the best tool ever for designing and creating post.

It's amazing.

I love it.

It's the best tool if you use it; it can be an incredible tool.

And so what we want to do when leveraging Canva is utilize templates.

They have a bunch of templates that are on there that you can use.

So don't reinvent the wheel and try and create posts.

They have templates that you can use to make it easy.

Number two, determine what you want to post.

So here's a number of different ones that you can do.

Share an educational tip, a quote, a...

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Top 3 Best Social Media Platforms for Home Care

Do you know what social media sites to go on?

Have no fear.

Hi, I'm Nick Bonitatibus and today on Home Care Digital, we're talking about the three best social media platforms that you should be using for your home care business.

Top 3 Social Media Platforms for your Home Care Business

#1 YouTube

Don't go anywhere yet.

I know what you're thinking.

I'm biased, that's true.

But here's the thing.

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and Google owns YouTube.

So just stick with me and you're going to know why and how YouTube is far superior than the other social media sites.

But again, I'm going to talk about three.

This is just the first one.

Number one, right?

Increasing SEO.

It is so much more than social media.

It is like Netflix for your business.

And so people can go and watch and binge and watch more and more videos.

That is the power it becomes this library, your own streaming site where people go.

Social media isn't like that.

When you go to social...

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5 Reasons Your Home Care Social Media Isn't Working

Social not getting results?

It could be because one of these 5 reasons...

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When it comes to your business, you will always hear that social media is an amazing tool not to be missed.

And I am one of the big proponents of that. In fact, I encourage you to use social media.

However, there are times when you’re motivated and then you do some posts. You share it to your followers and wait for the results.

The next thing you know, it falls flat. You then lose that flare of motivation you had before.

As a result, you don't post for six months, right? 

Well, let me tell you this. That's not going to help you. That's not going to get results!


Top Reasons Your Home Care Social Media Isn't Working

So today on Home Care Digital, we're talking about the 5 reasons why your home care social

media isn't working.

1. Heavy focusing on...

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The Most Underutilized Social Media Platform: Home Care Heroes Podcast With Ankota Part 1

This is by far the most underutilized platform for your home care business...

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Featured: Home Care Heroes Podcast With Ken Accardi, CEO of Ankota


What would you say are the top social media platforms for a Home Care Agency to be on top of?



Facebook and Instagram

I recommend Facebook and Instagram. I really been pushing a lot of my clients to get onto Instagram but some are hesitant. The fact is that if you're already using Facebook then you might as well start leveraging Instagram.

Linked In

The other one is LinkedIn. Very underutilized. When it comes to LinkedIn this is really good for referral sources because you can see where people work. You can see if there's certain referral sources that you want to connect with. 

If you know that they're referring x amount of patients a month then they have a great potential as a referral source and we should target them. 

Ever since...

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How Often To Post On Social Media?

As a home care business owner you are told to post to social media but what often happens is you start making a bunch of posts and then don't post for a months. Let's dive into how often you should post.


The first thing is consistency!

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

That is the most important thing is that you are consistent. Often I see many homecare
businesses owners that don't have a plan, don't have a strategy, and are just sporadically posting.

It is essential that you are doing it in a regular basis!

We want to avoid posting five days in a row and then not posting for in three months.

That's not gonna work!

We need to remain consistent, so less is more. I would rather you actually create less content and do it consistently rather than trying to do too much and not being able to do it consistently.



I know that recruitment is a huge part but I see many owners who are damaging their social media because they are just...

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Should You Outsource Social Media?

Should you outsource social media? (This includes allowing your franchise to handle your social as well.) Let's dive in!

Here's the thing when it comes to when companies outsource their social media. What often happens is that when you outsource social media to a company - there's a huge likelihood that you're having similar posts as all their other clients.

Is this what you want? Do you wanna be like everyone else?

I've seen this time and time again where home care companies hire a social media company beucase they don't want to deal with it and then they wonder why they don't get any results from it.

These agencies post the same exact content and if that is the case then you are wasting money!

If you're posing the same content as someone else, do you think that's gonna get results? No, we wanna be different, right?

When it comes to your social media, we need to be different! We need to do things that are going to stand out as well as properly represent our brands and...

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How To Get Better Results On Social Media

Social media is a big waste of time...

If it doesn't generate results!

On today's episode of Homecare Digital, we're talking about one simple thing you can do to get better results on the content you share.

When it comes to social media, we want results. That's the most important thing.

So what can we do to increase our results?

One of the best pieces of your marketing is utilizing your face. Yes, your smiling face. People love to see it. People are following your page because they know you to some capacity.

Your face is your best marketing tool in leveraging it because you are your brand. You are the reason that people are following you. When your face shows up on their news feed, they go, "Hey, I know that person." And so the more that we can incorporate you as the owner, you as the marketer, members of your team into your social media, the more that people are gonna be scrolling through the newsfeed and say, "Hey, I know that person - like, comment, engage."

The more that...

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How To Measure Social Media Success (ROI)

You're told to post to social media, but how do you know it is working? On today's episode of Home Care Digital, we are talking about how to measure social media success.

1. Reach

The first way to measure social media success is through reach. Often, when we think about social media, we're checking out engagement, but the most important thing is how much of our content is getting in front of people that we want to see it. By looking at the business analytics on our pages, we can determine how many people are reaching with each post.

People may not always be liking, and commenting, but that doesn't mean that they're not seeing your content. Focusing on reach is a great place to really look at your data, and see how well it's performing to see which posts are doing well.

Then you can ask yourself...

  • What you could tweak?
  • What you could improve?
  • Can I replicate this?

2. Social Media Growth

The next thing you wanna look at is social media growth. Is your channel actually growing? Are...

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