Home Care Video Hacks When Recording Video For The First Time

Does this sound like you??

You go to make your first video, record it, watch it and then are not happy. Then you record it again, same result. Then a third time, same result.

I see it time and time again people struggle with recording their first video over and over again then eventually give up and never post it.

Here are some quick video hacks you can start doing to make better content when recording for the first time. 

One of the most common challenges of marketers is recording videos for the first time.  Do you ever hit that record button and then start talking and you just keep fumbling and you can't get your words out? For most beginners, this is really a struggle.

And then you're like, “I give up. I don't want to do video anymore.”

You might have tried it several times and thought it's just not working for you.

I've been there. So, I totally understand.

I know that sometimes it can be hard when you're first getting started with videos.


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Thanksgiving Home Care Marketing: How To Generate More Referrals

Your Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy Is HERE!!

Today, we're talking about Thanksgiving marketing for home care and things that you can do to give thanks.

What's so awesome is realizing that there are so many reasons that we can start to create to reach out to different referral sources and reconnect with them.

Holidays are just one of the reasons.

What's fantastic about this strategy and why it works so well is that it is personal!

What we can do to really give thanks to our referral sources in this online world is send them videos. I use this all the time!

Sending personalized custom video messages to people to show my appreciation for them. Now, a lot of times I do this when it's somebody's birthday or if they had a big life event.

The big one is birthdays, which is really great because people love getting video messages on their birthday. One of the biggest reasons being because they're not used to getting it.

Just check out some of the comments that I've gotten when I sent...

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Being On Camera

Happy Halloween!!! Are you afraid???

On today's episode we're talking about overcoming the fear of being on camera so you can stand out and generate more leads for your business!

Want to generate more leads online? Check out my brand new free ebook, Home Care Leads, so you can get started today.



It's such an interesting concept that so often this happens to me recently.

I reached out to somebody and we started having a conversation and they had mentioned that they were watching some of my videos.

I said "Great, I guess that means that you're gonna start making some videos of yourself. Right?"

And she replied, "I'm scared."

Now this is so interesting because I do hear this often that people say that they're scared to post video content.

There are really two main reasons that somebody would be scared to record and post video content.

1. The Fear Of Judgement

Worrying about the judgment of others. I get it.

I was so scared when...

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The Secret To Making Perfect Videos

SECRETS REVEALED! In this video, you will learn how to make the perfect video!



Are you ready for the secret?

Are you sure you're ready?

The key to making the perfect video is...

stopping and trying to make it a perfect video!

Im here to give you permission...

It is okay if you make a video and you fumble on some words. Maybe you have some typos if you're doing a whiteboard thing and you're not great at spelling. I've done that.

The thing is, if you try and make things perfect all the time, you're just gonna end up never making video content. And to be honest, if you're using perfect as an excuse for not creating content, there's most likely another reason for why you want to make the perfect video.

It's more likely that you're worried about the judgment of others. Is this true for you?

When it comes to creating content for your home care business, if you are trying to make things perfect all the time, then you're never gonna make and...

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The Elder Care Tragedy Story That Never Happened

I am so proud to share this story!

However, it is even more important for you to create and share on your social media platforms. In today's episode of Digital Champions, I share the video you MUST create and post on Sept 22nd.

When you share this important info you will have the potential to save lives. To have that level of impact is truly what working in this amazing industry is all about. 

Do you know what event is on September 22nd?

Fall Prevention Awareness Day.

Now here's the thing...

When it comes to fall prevention, the majority of people do not know about preventing falls in the home. I love to share a story about when my grandmother needed care.

My dad had reached out and let me know that he had hired a company for home care. And the thing was, my dad was not aware of the industry. He didn't know certain things like fall prevention. And unfortunately the home care company that he had hired, didn't do a simple safety inspection to make sure that it...

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Where To Post Your Videos

On today's episode, I'm gonna be talking about where to post your videos on social media.

One of the most common mistakes that I see is people sharing their YouTube links on Facebook. It's like slapping Facebook right in the face. Facebook does not like YouTube, they're competitors.

Now I get it, I understand that you wanna get more YouTube views, so you can become YouTube famous and it helps with SEO. I get it, YouTube is great. It's a great resource and you should definitely have your videos on YouTube.

But when it comes to posting your videos, you wanna upload all of your videos organically to the specific platform. You don't wanna be mixing the platforms. 

This means share your videos directly to Facebook, share your videos directly to YouTube, share your videos directly to IGTV. Make sure that all your videos are consistent, that's going to help you.

YouTube again, posting those links on Facebook, they hate it and it's gonna hurt you. Don't believe me?

Try sharing...

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How To Stand Out Online

You know what really makes me angry? When people try to be like everyone else. If you want to stand out, you need to be willing to be different. On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss How To Stand Out Online. HULK SMASH!!!


You can tell that there's a little craziness that goes on in my head. But the idea is to stand out. Now, when it comes to you, you don't necessarily have to rip your shirt off and jump off screens like the mad Hulk, but you can do things that are creative that's gonna help you stand out.


Do things that are gonna separate you from other people. Think creatively. Be different. You have to be willing to step out and do something that other people maybe aren't willing to do.


I took this message from one of my mentors named Steve. He always says, "Risk being the fool." And I absolutely love that. And I think I've been doing it pretty well. You may agree.


You may not even agree that what I'm doing is right or professional. But...

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How To Choose The Backdrop For Your Videos

I got jokes I know, but this episode is about putting your best foot forward. Setting the scene for your videos can make all the difference. On today's episode of Digital Champions I discuss some of your options.

The most important thing is that people can see you. You wanna stand out. You wanna be more showing than what's in there.

So generally I recommend a clean background, something that's very simple, something that is gonna be just you and a background.

Yes, you can do your office which sometimes people do, but what I've found sometimes is people have personal information or other people's personal information in the background. So if you do choose to do your office, make sure that you get rid of that information. You want things to be simple and clean. Generally, I like the plain background.

Think about Apple. They got that simple, white background where it's like hey, I'm a PC, hey, I'm a Mac. Do you remember those videos? Yeah, they worked. They're clean. They're simple....

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When To Start Making Videos

 The devil is in your ear , but don't worry I am here to help. In today's episode, I discuss overcoming that negative voice and when you should start making videos.

You may be asking yourself, "Nick, you got a devil on your shoulder. "Where's the other guy?" Well, the truth of the matter is, it wasn't the devil. Unfortunately, it's your subconscious. It's your inner self telling you not to do these things, of why you can't do these things. But I'm here to tell you that you can and you can overcome it.

Don't listen to that voice. There are people out there that need to hear your message. You can't worry about all these little things. And worrying about what people are saying, and what people are gonna think about you. Video can do amazing things for you, your brand, your business.

And it's gonna help you change as a person and just being able to understand, to step out, step out of your comfort zone, and feel what that feels like. It's an amazing thing when you start doing...

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Merry Christmas! Should You Spend Money On Social Media Advertising?

Hello, everyone, Merry Christmas. On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm gonna be talking about should you spend money on social media advertising?



The short answer, absolutely yes. No question, hands down, you should spend money on social media advertising. And you may be asking why?

Well, based on the algorithms of social media, all of them, they want you to spend money on their platforms. So if you have a business page, they are not showing your business page to audiences. Which is honestly a real bummer because people may have even liked your page and said "Hey, I like your content, I wanna see more of it." Yet they're still not seeing it.

So if you want to make sure that people are seeing your content, you want to spend some advertising dollars. Now, everyone has a different budget and it may be different for you. But a Christmas gift for you is to spend some money into social media advertising.

Now, one thing that often happens when people first start...

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