How To Create Videos More Effectively

digital champions Apr 08, 2021

Anyone can make videos and upload them but there are a few tips and tricks to make them more EFFECTIVE!

Wanna know how? Watch as I guide you along the strategies...

Video Transcript

How can we create videos more effectively?

Well, the first thing, plan.

The second thing, plan.

Third thing, plan.

We cannot skip this step. This is the most important step in all of video marketing and social media content and everything that we're doing, whether it be our digital presence or our goals for the year, for the quarter, or 90 days, whatever it may be. Planning is key.

"If you do not plan, you plan to fail."

This is essential, and what this does is, when we really take the time to plan out your content you get back the most valuable possession we have...

Our time.

So our time is the most valuable possession, and so we often associate planning as time consuming, but it's not. It's just short-term. We need to see the long-term vision. We need to see long-term. We need to see that by...

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E55. Overcoming Our Fears

Ever gone skydiving? I have and I learned some valuable lessons about fear. It's a funny thing, but with the right steps - you can overcome what has been holding you back.

On today's episode of Let's Grow Together, I share some of the times I overcame fear and how it changed the trajectory of my life. Imagine what you could accomplish if you overcame yours...

Have a listen!

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How To Create Ideas For Video Content

digital champions Apr 01, 2021

At this day and age everyone knows video content has the highest chance to go viral compared to other types of posts BUT why are there still so many entrepreneurs who have yet to start making videos for their business?

The reason might be the lack of ideas for your video content.

Watch this video to learn how to overcome that issue and start making videos CONSISTENTLY for your business!

Video Transcript

Here are three tips to creating great content for your audience. 

1. Ask Your Audience

Ask your audience that you already have, what do they wanna hear? What are the things that they're struggling with? What are the frequently asked questions that they have?

We often in our business, we want to think about what our audience needs. We think what we need. But the best way to get the results is just ask them what don't they know?

Do some research, it can be a post on social media, it can be a post in a Facebook group, it can be reaching out to individuals of your ideal clients...

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E54. Hungry For Being Uncomfortable With Jeremy Fuller

On today's episode of Let's Grow Together, Jeremy shares his inspiring story of entrepreneurship. Some people make a choice to get into it, but Jeremy did it to survive. Not just for him, but also for his family. Truly remarkable!

Have a listen!

Jeremy has over 16+ years of web design and SEO / digital marketing experience based on ROI.

He has launched 3 startups, has extensive experience with web design and digital marketing for nonprofits and businesses and deep knowledge of digital marketing psychology. He got his start with affiliate marketing with campaigns generating more than $2,500 a day in revenue.


Free Case Study For Home Care Businesses


Jeremy and his team offer a free case study where they walk the home care agency owner through how they ranked a home care agency on Google and how in turn that grew their monthly care hours by over 400%.



Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Multiple Streams of Income


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100% Success Is Failure

digital champions Mar 25, 2021

ME: "100% Success Is Failure"
YOU: "That can't be true."
ME: "Let me PROVE it to you."

Watch the video as I show you how and why 100% success is failure.

Video Transcript

Done is better than perfect.

If we want to be able to grow in our businesses, this is essential. This is not just in video marketing - this is in every single thing that we do! Every single thing that we do in our business, we can not worry about being perfect.

There's a great quote I heard from Jim Fortin, who I think heard it from Albert Einstein or something and he says, "100% of perfection is failure and 70% is success".

This is what we want to aim for. Yeah, we've been taught that you should always do your best and you want to succeed and you should try and get 100%, but this is not how entrepreneurs succeed.

We cannot worry about things being perfect. It's never gonna be perfect and our time is way too valuable to be spending trying to make things perfect.

When it comes to video marketing, especially, it...

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Courage: The Essential Ingredient To Building Any Dream (FEATURED)

featured Mar 22, 2021

"We live in this world of instant gratification. We want things right away. But if you truly desire your goal, you're willing to do whatever it takes no matter how long it takes."

Read more and learn about Tee here:

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E53. Baking 6 Figures Of Joy With Teresa Kwon

Teresa has such an incredible story and that was even before she launched and grew her bakery business to 6 figures in 6 months during the pandemic. This episode will fuel you with so much more than joy (you will know what I mean when you listen in)!

Teresa is a curiosity driven globetrotter, foodie, nature lover, bookworm, curator of intentional gatherings, Business Growth Strategist for values-driven change makers and entrepreneurs who want build and scale wildly successful organizations and businesses that elevate society all while keeping values, family & freedom first.


Teresa is also a Leadership Coach who mentors and coaches wholehearted women to become thriving leaders living aligned with purpose working alongside thriving teams. She holds a Master in Public Administration in Strategic Leadership and Management with 26 years of experience working and leading in top organizations and companies around the world in nonprofits to government to tech startups.



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How To Plan Content AND Never Do It Again

digital champions Mar 18, 2021

As business owners, we have a lot of things to handle and one of those things is our content planning.

What if I told you there is a way to never plan your content again?

Don't believe me? Watch this video!

Video Transcript

Working smarter not harder, how can you plan your content and then never have to do it again? What do I mean? 

I'm talking about thinking our content specifically into our audience. Our audience can only absorb so much content, and we want to make sure that we're creating content that's gonna be effective, that's gonna drive our need for our services, that really represents our brand well.

So when you think about it, if you're posting, let's say, one video a week, which is what I recommend, that's 52 videos for the whole year. 52 weeks in a year.

Now, if you're posting every other week, now you're looking at 26 videos, six months of video content.

Your audience is only going to be able to absorb so much in that six months. So we can recycle our content so...

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E52. Minding Your Thoughts With Michael Locasto

On today's episode of Let's Grow Together, Michael and I dive deep into the intricacies of the mind to become your highest performing self.

Michael Locasto is a High Performance Mindset & Energy Coach. For the past ten years he has developed a deep curiosity as to what makes the best athletes in their sport. The last eight years as a strength and conditioning coach for hundreds of elite level athletes. High performance is a way of life.

He teaches athletes how to think to increase confidence and focus to improve their performance. Mental performance training is foundational to being at your best. While often neglected, it is a requisite for athletes to consistently reach the top of their game.

While working to master a holistic lens in human performance, he is consistently drawn to the mind and its importance on unlocking an athlete’s potential. Michael's work is a combination of reprogramming the mind, energy coaching, high performance tools & practices, Eastern...

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Tribe Of Leaders: Episode 92: Living your Dreams (FEATURED)

featured Mar 13, 2021

I had the privilege of being interviewed by the amazing Emi Kirschner. She is a powerful leader and an incredible coach and leader.

On the episode, I share my story as well as how to get started and be successful with video marketing. 

I strongly recommend that you check out everything she has to offer, but first - have a listen here.

Click Here To Read About The Episode, Episode Highlights, Quotes, Resources, and The Tribe of Leaders Podcast

You can also learn more about Emi from episode 18 from when she was featured on Let's Grow Together! Link below. 

18: Work Life Balance Is Bulls#!t with Emi Kirschner

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