Who Should Manage Your Social Media?

digital champions Jun 10, 2020

We're taking off our invisibility cloak for this one! On today's episode of Digital Champions, I am talking about one of the biggest mistakes I see and what we can do to resolve it.


On today's episode of "Digital Champions," I'm gonna talk about who should be managing your social media. This is a two-part answer.

One of the common mistakes that I see is that people wanna outsource and have somebody else do their social media, but the problem is, when somebody else, if you're hiring a company that's going to post for you and be the voice for you, they're gonna sound like them or they're gonna sound like everybody else because they're trying to be generic, so that it fits for you. But that's exactly how to be invisible.

If you're just like everyone else, these cookie-cutter companies that post for you, it does not work. It's not your voice. It has to be you. It's your organization, your company. You wanna be the voice and show the vision and the mission and put everything into...

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How To Make Marketing Easier

digital champions Jun 03, 2020

On today's episode of Digital Champions, I'm talking about how to make your marketing easier.

One of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself is, how much is your time worth? How much you would pay yourself per hour? What is it? $20 an hour, $100 an hour, $500 an hour?

Once you understand that price, you're gonna start to appreciate your time so much more, that when you see yourself working on tasks that you don't wanna be doing, that you could potentially have someone else do, then it's gonna start to make things a lot easier.

One thing I always see is business owners doing video editing themselves. You as the business owner should not be the one doing the video editing. Your time is so much more valuable.

And if you're charging $500 an hour per your time, and you're spending an hour doing some video editing, pretty simple math there, you're spending $500 for the amount of time that you're spending on that video, that could be easily outsourced to somebody...

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17. Building Mental Discipline With Dave Lacamera

Dave Lacamera

David is a Temple University graduate and has been living in Philadelphia for the past 6 years. He started his career in digital marketing and has become part owner in a local real estate company called Philly expediting. While David is focused on growing his company nationwide to help more commercial real estate developers and brokers, he found that he has a true passion for helping people make more money in their business. 

He is now on a mission to invigorate an industry that hasn't changed much over the years. That industry is sales. He is showing business owners that sales can be simple, profitable, but most importantly it can be enjoyable. He is on this mission to change the way the world views sales, one business owner, at a time.
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Why Should You Incorporate LIVE Into Your Video Marketing Strategy

digital champions May 26, 2020

THIS IS MARKETING!!! (I may be having too much fun making these videos. Sorry Alex. ) On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss the easiest way to create videos that also favors social media algorithms.

Ladies and gentlemen, This is Marketing.

What is the easiest way to create videos that also favors social media algorithms?

Answer: Going LIVE!

The thing that you wanna understand about creating live video, the first thing is, it comes off so much more organic, authentic because you're giving that behind the scenes look.

You're giving people that experience of what it's like, if they were just hanging out with you, versus this type of produced video where you're getting straight to the point, you're providing the content. So you give that people the behind the scenes.

You potentially make a mistake or fumble on your words, but people relate to that because you're a human and things happen. Those type of thing happens, when you're filming live.

I always tell this story...

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How To Make a Viral Video For Your Business

digital champions May 19, 2020

On today's episode, I'm gonna be talking about how to make a viral video. All right, so you may be thinking, Nick, you've never created a viral video. You're right, but hold on one second because if you are trying to create a viral video, you need to hear this message!


Everyone wants to create this viral video and they think that that's going to make them powerful, that that's gonna make them feel good or that's gonna make them a bunch of money. If they only had more views, if they only had more followers, that's gonna make you feel better. It's not. It's not going to make you feel better. It's not going to have that impact.

And look, I don't mean to patronize. I have felt the same way. I have felt the same thing that you're feeling where you want more views, you want more followers, but at the end of the day, it's not gonna change how you feel.

And there's an important thing to understand when you're creating video for your business, that the views and the subscribers and...

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16. Change Your Identity, Change Your Life with Eric Yusko

Eric Yusko

Eric Yusko realized he wasn’t the only guy who didn’t want to die an ordinary man and founded Man of Class, a place where men can find the loyal family they’ve always craved to make lasting change and to live an exceptional life.

Eric has dedicated his whole life to self-improvement and wants to share it with the world, if you’re looking to ditch the ordinary life and start the exceptional life, be sure to go to manofclass.com to get started.


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15. Mastering Your Time with Hugo Denat

Hugo Denat

Hugo is a time management and productivity coach. He helps busy professionals get their freedom back by helping them reclaim their time for what truly matters to them. Using his proprietary method, the TB © method, he’s coaching his students towards reclaiming 10 to 20 hours of their own time every single week. He’s a YouTube and LinkedIn Creator, and freelance consultant.
Link to the videos mentioned:
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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

digital champions May 13, 2020

You are not alone - I have felt the same way. Why should and would anyone listen to me? On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome.


Now, the first thing that I wanna talk about is an objection that I often hear. Where people say "well I can't do that, somebody else is already doing it." Or" I'm not good enough to do this" "I don't know enough". I want you to think about something real quick.

You ever seen the movie catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio? Yeah, based on a true story? Pretty funny movie, I know. And one of the things that happens in the movie is he actually teaches a college university class.

And what's really funny is when they ask him "how did you do this?" And he says "well I just stayed one chapter ahead." And that's all that you need to be able to do.

Understand that your audience needs to hear what you have to say. And you knowing 10% more than your audience or one chapter ahead is going to be super...

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Video Doesn’t Work If People Don’t See It

digital champions May 05, 2020

Video doesn't work if people don't see it! Based on the algorithms it is likely that the majority of your fans and followers will NOT see your content.

So what can you do? On this week's episode of Digital Champions, I tell you the steps to take and why now is the best time! 

I'd like to share a quote by Henry Ford. And he says that "stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your clock to save time."

We are in a strange time right now, with everything going on with the virus. And now is not the time to stop your marketing effort. Now is the time to put more effort into it.

You can get your advertising dollars so much further during this time. T

1. Understanding the Facebook algorithms and social media algorithms.

It is a pay-to-play world. If you are spending time creating video, creating content, you wanna make sure it's seen. And more specifically, now with everything that's going on, the social media channels are flooded with COVID-19 content.

So we need to be...

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Should You Film Vertically Or Horizontally On Your Phone

digital champions Apr 28, 2020

I see this mistake often and can't help but share. You may even be someone who I have reached out to regarding this debated topic. You may think you know the answer, but the why is just as important.


On today's episode, I'm gonna be talking about whether or not your videos should be filmed horizontally or vertically.

As you can tell, you can probably guess that I highly, highly, highly encourage you to film horizontally.

Now, one of the common objectives that I often hear is that people say based on the platform, it's better to be vertical. And in some cases, that is right.

So basically, in other words, Instagram is a horizontal platform. So you're posting stuff on IGTV, vertical could be beneficial. On Facebook mobile, same thing. You're getting more scrolled screen when you film vertically.

However, the reason why I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that you film horizontally is because it looks better on the other platforms to be better. Think about it.


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