Mastering Public Speaking

featured Feb 21, 2022

I had the privilege of speaking with my good friend, John Duffin from Duffin Media, about my journey as a public speaker, moving to San Diego, and building my business. 

Talking in front of people may not have started the way you would have thought.

Have a listen!

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How To Get More Home Care Referrals From Referral Sources

This will change how you connect and collaborate with referrals sources to get more referrals. Have a listen!

The number one thing when it comes to home care is understanding that this business is about building relationships. If we're being honest, all businesses are about building relationships. It's an essential piece of growing any business no matter what business you are in. I love this quote...

"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. The quality of your business is no different." - Harvey McKay

Building relationships is a fundamental piece of how we're leveraging what we're doing and how we're getting referrals. So what can we do in order to establish these relationships, to get people to know us, aside from let's say networking events?

We can actually create our own networking opportunity by having a show! It be a podcast or a video series is one of the greatest ways for you to make new connections as well as creating great marketing...

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How To Get Better Results On Social Media

Social media is a big waste of time...

If it doesn't generate results!

On today's episode of Homecare Digital, we're talking about one simple thing you can do to get better results on the content you share.

When it comes to social media, we want results. That's the most important thing.

So what can we do to increase our results?

One of the best pieces of your marketing is utilizing your face. Yes, your smiling face. People love to see it. People are following your page because they know you to some capacity.

Your face is your best marketing tool in leveraging it because you are your brand. You are the reason that people are following you. When your face shows up on their news feed, they go, "Hey, I know that person." And so the more that we can incorporate you as the owner, you as the marketer, members of your team into your social media, the more that people are gonna be scrolling through the newsfeed and say, "Hey, I know that person - like, comment, engage."

The more that...

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How To Measure Social Media Success (ROI)

You're told to post to social media, but how do you know it is working? On today's episode of Home Care Digital, we are talking about how to measure social media success.

1. Reach

The first way to measure social media success is through reach. Often, when we think about social media, we're checking out engagement, but the most important thing is how much of our content is getting in front of people that we want to see it. By looking at the business analytics on our pages, we can determine how many people are reaching with each post.

People may not always be liking, and commenting, but that doesn't mean that they're not seeing your content. Focusing on reach is a great place to really look at your data, and see how well it's performing to see which posts are doing well.

Then you can ask yourself...

  • What you could tweak?
  • What you could improve?
  • Can I replicate this?

2. Social Media Growth

The next thing you wanna look at is social media growth. Is your channel actually growing? Are...

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Holiday Videos To Create For Home Care

Ho, Ho, Ho! With Christmas is coming up we're going to talk about some great holiday themed videos for you to make for your home care business.


1. Senior Gifts

What a great idea to think about different gifts that you can get for your senior loved one. And what's really unique about this is you can add a lot of value to educating your audience about the benefits of things that you're buying for your loved one.

For example, one of the things that we got from my grandmother is a Facebook Portal. What's really cool about the Facebook Portal is that it connects with Facebook. So it makes it really easy to use. But what it does is basically creates a video chat that makes it easy for us to stay connected with her.

She lives in Arizona, I live in San Diego, and the a big chunk of the rest of my family is in the Philadelphia area. It makes it really easy for us to do video chat, which is great because if you've actually done the studies that depression is very common...

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How To Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Home Care Business

Want to increase your social media engagement?

Looking to increase your social media engagement? Here's how.

When it comes to your social media and understanding how engagement works, it's important to really understand a few things.

 Engagement does not necessarily mean likes and comments.

Yes, those are things that we want, but really, engagement is anything, they could be clicking on the post, looking at the post, reading the post. All contributes to that engagement that's gonna get more people to see it.

Increased Engagement = Increased Reach

Through our business analytics on our Facebook page and Instagram (Facebook Insights Support), we can see those analytics and see how many people saw a particular post. Reach is a much more valuable analytic to watch.

Not to mention, likes and comments don't get business!

We want get in front of as many people as we can, but engagement is not necessarily what's always going to get your message in front of THE RIGHT people.

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Linked In Marketing For Home Care Businesses

Linked In Marketing: Here's How To Use It For Your Home Care Business...

Let's Connect - Click Here


If you want to get more referrals and business - utilizing LinkedIn is a great tool.

There's a couple of different ways that you can start utilizing LinkedIn for your home care business...


1. Post Content

I know this is kind of a funny one, but when you really think about it, there are so many people on LinkedIn that aren't creating content. They are there and don't ever post.

This is very common across all social media platforms. This isn't an exact stat, but around 98% of people on social media don't actually post. They're just watching. They the viewers.

If you want results with Linked In, its time to move to the 1%/2%. Become a content creator. That's how we're going to stand out.

There's only so far that you can go with liking people's posts that's really going to get you to stand out. When you create content yourself, all right, and post, it's gonna help...

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Thanksgiving Home Care Marketing: How To Generate More Referrals

Your Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy Is HERE!!

Today, we're talking about Thanksgiving marketing for home care and things that you can do to give thanks.

What's so awesome is realizing that there are so many reasons that we can start to create to reach out to different referral sources and reconnect with them.

Holidays are just one of the reasons.

What's fantastic about this strategy and why it works so well is that it is personal!

What we can do to really give thanks to our referral sources in this online world is send them videos. I use this all the time!

Sending personalized custom video messages to people to show my appreciation for them. Now, a lot of times I do this when it's somebody's birthday or if they had a big life event.

The big one is birthdays, which is really great because people love getting video messages on their birthday. One of the biggest reasons being because they're not used to getting it.

Just check out some of the comments that I've gotten when I sent...

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What Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media For Home Care

When is the best time to post on social media? One of the most common questions - answered!

I get asked all the time. The answer is really simple to find out.

But first, there are some common times that are good to post.

For example, morning and lunchtime are good times. Also, in the evening when people are done work, but this varies per day. It also varies per audience.

One thing that you should know when looking to figure out what time is the best time for you to post is to looking at your Facebook insights.

Now, keep this in mind, your Facebook insights won't have any insights if you don't actually post. So if you don't post, then you won't have any information to determine the best time.

*An important thing to note is that you don't get Facebook insights if you don't actually have a business page. It is essential that you have a business page in order to get insights.

Here are the steps...

  1. Go To Your Facebook Business Page
  2. On the left hand side, go to insights
  3. Select...
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Caregiver Recruitment: How To Increase Caregiver Interview Show Up Rate

Not again! You spent all that time, energy and money to recruit get applications, but then they don't show up for the interview.

Aside from calling out a search party, here are a few things you can do...

Want to generate more leads online? Check out my brand new free ebook, Home Care Leads, so you can get started today.


How can you increase caregiver recruitment? As well as, increase that show-up rate for interviews?

In the recruitment process, we are getting applications, but then they're not showing up for the interview. So what are some things that we can do to increase that show-up rate?

What The Process?

When they apply, what's the process after they apply? Hopefully, all right, you're contacting them ASAP, getting on that phone, making a call, making it happen, reaching out to them as soon as possible.

Is It Automated?

You and your team's time is valuable, so we want to create automated systems.

What can we send...

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