Home Care SEO: How To Increase Search Engine Optimization For Home Care

Want your home care business to show up more on google searches? Here's a quick video on how to increase your search engine optimization (SEO).

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Want more leads to your website? You gotta improve your SEO. What is SEO? Search engine optimization.

Now, one thing that you should know, is that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Google acquired YouTube in 2006. So simply by having YouTube videos on your website, it's going to improve your SEO.

Another way to increase your SEO is having blog posts. A lot of different companies utilize this strategy where they're posting blogs, but the thing is no one's really checking out your blogs.

The only traffic is if you share the blog on social media. But the thing is, Facebook (and all social media sites) hate when you post websites links.

PSA: Stop posting blogs on social media.


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How To Become A Home Care Expert: The Dunning Kruger Effect

Want more leads? Become the leader in your industry!

Maybe you want to but feel you don't know enough... have a listen!

The Home Care Leads Workshop (Sept 28th to 30th): Sign up at https://www.thedigitalchamps.com/workshop


Looking to generate more leads? Well, one way to do that is by becoming the home care expert. By being the leader in your industry, in your market, in your territory.

How do we do that?

Share valuable and educational content!

I know what you may be thinking. "I'm not an expert."

Here is how knowledge works...

As we learn, we start to feel like we know a lot and we have an increase in confidence. However, as we start to learn more we start realize how much we don't know and our confidence on the subject decreases. 

But here's the thing...

We often feel like in order for us to get started and start becoming a leader that we need to know more and more and more until we feel like an expert and confident enough to start teaching.

In home...

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Home Care Leads: How To Increase Website Traffic

digital champions Sep 09, 2021

Increase Your Home Care Leads: Here's How...

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Are you wondering why you aren't getting more leads from your website and what you're doing online? Here's why.

So many Home Care businesses don't actually have a way to collect leads unless somebody is trying trying to contact you. When we go to our website, our Home Care website, we need to have a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a resource that somebody can download if they give you their name and email address. So here's the thing.

There are so many people already going to your website, checking you out, but they're not ready to contact you just yet. If they wanted to contact you, then they would. But there's so much traffic that you're already driving to your site, but you're not capturing them as a lead.

Most people are only seeing online leads when someone completes a contact us form. If that is the case then you are missing out on 80% plus...

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The Secret To Making Perfect Videos

SECRETS REVEALED! In this video, you will learn how to make the perfect video!



Are you ready for the secret?

Are you sure you're ready?

The key to making the perfect video is...

stopping and trying to make it a perfect video!

Im here to give you permission...

It is okay if you make a video and you fumble on some words. Maybe you have some typos if you're doing a whiteboard thing and you're not great at spelling. I've done that.

The thing is, if you try and make things perfect all the time, you're just gonna end up never making video content. And to be honest, if you're using perfect as an excuse for not creating content, there's most likely another reason for why you want to make the perfect video.

It's more likely that you're worried about the judgment of others. Is this true for you?

When it comes to creating content for your home care business, if you are trying to make things perfect all the time, then you're never gonna make and...

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The Top 5 Videos To Create For Your Home Care Business

Not sure what to talk about in your home care videos? Here are 5 video topic ideas to help get you started.

Discover the insider secrets to generate more leads, more sales, and more customers using social media. Download Video Social 101:



So here's a hint: none of them are talking about your services.

Yes, are videos about your services good to have? Absolutely, but the content that gets shared most is ones that provide value and educate your target audience. Today, we're talking about the five topics that I recommend will make the greatest impact on your audience and your community.

Now, before we dive in, I want you to also consider that the best place for you to start is focusing on topics that you actually enjoy talking about. I'm going to give you some suggestions of places that you can start, but here's a better place to start. Begin with topics that you enjoy and you're passionate about talking about.

A great...

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5 Ways To Create Videos More Consistently

Want results with video? Then you need to show up consistently! Here are 5 ways to help...

Discover the insider secrets to generate more leads, more sales, and more customers using social media. Download Video Social 101:


1. Plan

If we are making video content and trying to do it every single week, or trying to just put out the content without a plan, it makes it so much more difficult. This leads to inconsistency.

When we create a plan and we create a strategy, and utilize our video marketing around all of our other marketing, whether it be different holidays that are coming up, or different events that you're running, and promoting those events in the content that we're creating, you're gonna have a greater effect. The more that we plan ahead the more likely that we're gonna show up consistently, and the more effective it's going be.

2. Batch Record

When you record multiple videos it has a massive impact because you're able to now have a...

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4 Ways To Use Video To Retain Caregivers

It's hard enough to recruit caregivers, but it can be just as important to keep them. On today's episode of Digital Champions, I discuss 4 Ways To Use Video To Retain Caregivers.

1. Company Culture/Values

The first one is really making sure that these caregivers when they come into work for you that they understand your company culture. Create a positive culture and positive values and have them get behind your why.  Share why you started your business and address your core values.

In your onboarding process, have them watch these videos. You may even consider doing it right after they apply.

Understand that culture and values is what's going to get people to stay with you and want to continue to work for you, so it's important to establish this upfront in the beginning.

2. Training

A lot of companies offer training that they're required from the state where caregivers earn certain certifications, CPE credits, etc.

However you can create video content that...

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The Elder Care Tragedy Story That Never Happened

I am so proud to share this story!

However, it is even more important for you to create and share on your social media platforms. In today's episode of Digital Champions, I share the video you MUST create and post on Sept 22nd.

When you share this important info you will have the potential to save lives. To have that level of impact is truly what working in this amazing industry is all about. 

Do you know what event is on September 22nd?

Fall Prevention Awareness Day.

Now here's the thing...

When it comes to fall prevention, the majority of people do not know about preventing falls in the home. I love to share a story about when my grandmother needed care.

My dad had reached out and let me know that he had hired a company for home care. And the thing was, my dad was not aware of the industry. He didn't know certain things like fall prevention. And unfortunately the home care company that he had hired, didn't do a simple safety inspection to make sure that it...

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Vision | The Home Care Leaders Podcast: How to Use Social Media to Drive New Client & Caregiver Engagement

Click Here To See Home Care Pulse Post

Nick Bonitatibus, Owner of Digital Champions covers how to improve your social media strategy to drive engagement from prospective clients and caregivers. He’ll deep dive on video strategies, results he’s seen from providers using video, and how you can start seeing results from video today.

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How To Retain Caregivers

I had to share! It was just too powerful not to put this out to you guys!

In this video clip from one of the group call in Lead Machine Academy, we discuss how to implement positive habits and your core values to improve caregiver performance and retention.

In addition, you will see how you can leverage your own knowledge, skills, and expertise to use in all your marketing to attract caregivers, clients, and referral sources.  

Check it out!

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